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january 18th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. this is a confession years in the making. did you watch lance armstrong interview? >> i have to say i did. and even though we all expected, we all thought we knew what we were going to hear, when you heard those blunt answers to direct questions, it was still somewhat startling. >> a lot of people had been waiting to hear what armstrong would say, the disgraced cyclist using everything from human growth hormone to testosterone. maybe not the answer some people wanted to hear. >> for years, cyclist tyler hamilton, that man right there, accused armstrong of doping and he faced armstrong's fury as a result. we'll find out what he thinks
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after watching the interview. later in the show, the question everyone is asking, can the livestrong charity go on? we'll ask the ceo. have you noticed you didn't make quite as much as you did before the new year came? of course, you are not alone. what is behind this sudden cut in pay and give you ideas of what you could do to offset that loss. the story we hope will bring a smile to your face. what folks in one city are doing to boost the spirits of random strangers. >> great story. we want to start with lance armstrong's confession. anne thompson has more on what he had to say. anne, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. lance armstrong said he had the perfect story for so long, overcoming cancer, winning the tour de france, and it wasn't true. lance armstrong was emotional, but not tearful, apologetic, but not contrite. in an exclusive interview on own, armstrong admitted to oprah winfrey what had long been
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suspected. >> in all seven of your tour de france victories, did you ever take banned substances or blood dope? >> yes. >> armstrong said he started doping in the mid '90s, before he had cancer. his cocktail was the blood booster epo, transfusions and testosterone, all banned. and all denied by him for years until this interview. >> it's too late for probably most people and that's my fault. i view this situation as one big lie that i repeated a lot of times. >> a lie that, over the 90-minute program, he made clear was contrary to his own view of doping. >> did it feel wrong? >> at the time, no. >> it did not even feel wrong? >> no.
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scary. >> did you feel bad about it? >> no, even scarier. >> did you feel in any way that you were cheating? >> no, the scariest. >> reporter: performance-enhancing drugs, he says, was part of the sport, like air in the riders' tires or water in their bottle. >> i didn't invent the culture but i didn't prevent the culture. that's my mistake. >> reporter: while armstrong confessed to being a bully -- >> i was a bully in the sense that i just tried to control the narrative. >> reporter: armstrong denied forcing other riders to dope. and disputed claims by teammates tyler hamilton and floyd landis that he tested positive during the 2001 tour de suisse and then
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paid off the cycling union. >> there was no positive test. there was no paying off the lab. there was no secret meeting with the lab director. >> reporter: armstrong did admit he ruthlessly went after people who told the truth, suing so many, he couldn't remember. >> you were suing people and you know that they're telling the truth. what is that? >> it's a -- it's a major flaw. and it's a guy who expected to get whatever he wanted and to control every outcome. and it's inexcusable. and that's -- when i say that there are people that will hear this and will never forgive me, i understand that. i do. >> armstrong blames his downfall on his return to the tour in 2009 and 2010, even though he says he raced clean during those
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years. that comeback did not sit well with floyd landis, who lost his tour title to doping and landis began to talk. matt? >> anne thompson, thank you very much. tyler hamilton is one of armstrong's former teammates and in his new book "the secret race," he says that armstrong doped. you knew the truth. we were all hearing it for the first time. what was it like to watch it? >> number one, thanks for having me on the show. i just want to make this point, that i think it's a huge, huge first step for lance armstrong. for a lot of people, it's raw. i've known about it for a long time, since 1998. big first step. it's really what happens next, you know. the proof is in the pudding. what he does -- basically, what
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is he going to do moving forward? >> you spoke to me on the phone, tyler, one thing worried you. that he would get emotional, that he's very good in front of a camera and people would think this comes from the heart and, in your opinion, the only reason lance armstrong is talking now is to help lance armstrong. do you still feel that way? >> yeah a bit. but you can tell, it's real. he's very emotional and he's definitely sorry. i don't know. i think it's going to be a hard next few weeks for him, next few months, years. >> i want people -- >> again, he did the right thing, finally. and it's never too late to tell the truth. >> i want people to understand, you are someone who has admitted to lying and doping in the past. you've been on this show. you said, matt, i lied right to your face in the past. >> yes. >> but when you wrote your book and accused lance armstrong of doping he came out strongly against you. and he said, quote -- a statement released by his people, writing a book today about events that allegedly took place more than ten years ago is not about setting the record
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straight or righting a wrong. it is greedy, opportunistic and self serving. does he owe you an apology? >> for me, he owes an awful lot of other people an apology. i don't need an apology. we've known each other a long time. i think it's best he stays where he is. >> do you feel vindicated for what you wrote in that book? >> for me it's all about just doing the right thing and finally just telling the truth. i'm still very sorry for -- i'll be sorry for the rest of my life for what i did. i lied, cheated, lied to everybody, my family, my friends. >> you knew you cheated? >> yes. >> at the time -- when lance armstrong said at the time he did not consider it cheating, did you all feel that way or did you feel you were cheating? >> i knew i was cheating. i knew i was cheating. i felt bad about it. i made the decisions i made. i fully deserve what happened. but it was in the culture. it was a dirty, dirty time in the sport of cycling. >> a couple of areas i want to
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go over with you. he said he never forced any cyclist on his team to take part in the doping regimen. is that true? >> true, yeah. in my opinion, yeah. you know, he led by example. on that first trip to spain to get a blood transfusion, i don't know if i -- just myself and teammate and lance, i don't know if i didn't want to do it because i didn't get on that private jet. i don't know what would have happened to me. >> in your book, you said there was a dirty test before the tour de suisse in 2001 and lance armstrong and others involved in cycling covered it up, there were payoffs. he said point blank in the interview last night that didn't happen. no dirty test, no payoff. is that true? >> i stand by what i said. absolutely. it's true. >> u.s. anti-doping agency has called the doping program on lance's teams, that you were part of for several years, the most sophisticated, organized and professionalized doping
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scheme in the history of sports. last night, lance said it was pretty simple and conservative. who is telling the truth? >> maybe it's somewhere in between. i don't know if it was the most sophisticated. it's hard to tell. you know, there's a lot of -- we don't know. there's a lot of other situations, lot of other teams out there that haven't been investigated like us. i think we were definitely close to the top. let's put it that way. >> for years he doped and he lied about it and he crushed anyone who got in his way. does lance armstrong deserve to lose everything because of what he has now admitted? >> all his results, when he was taking performance-enhancing drugs, absolutely. my results need to be wiped out as well. and i -- hopefully, that will happen some day. >> no winners here? >> no winners. no winners. it's sad. it's a really sad story. and i'm still ashamed of it. i think i will be for the rest of my life. but now moving forward, i'm just
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doing the right thing and i feel fantastic today for finally doing the right thing, telling the truth. and i think lance moving forward, he will feel a lot better about himself. obviously it's going to be -- it's a whole new world for him. but i think he will feel pretty good. >> has he reached out to you, by the way? >> he has not. >> you have not received a phone call from lance? >> no. >> do you expect to? >> i don't know. i don't know. again, he needs to apologize to a lot of other people before he apologizes to me. >> tyler hamilton, thanks for coming in this morning. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it. it's good to see you. we'll have more coming up, including an exclusive interview with the livestrong charity ceo. first, willie is in for natalie this morning. >> good morning, everyone. violence and confusion at a remote natural gas complex as the international hostage crisis still under way. michelle kosinski has the latest. good morning.
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>> hi, willie. >> it appears they have raided the facility again trying for rescue more hostages. would not man hid will under his bed. others inside a suspended ceiling. u.s. official was quoted as saying some americans did escape, but not all are accounted for. what is known at this bp gas facility in a remote desert is that algerian army tried to free hostages held by a heavily armed islamic gang. some militants were killed and so were some hostages. algerian officials say at least six others were wounded. some hostages managed to escape. bp says some are already on a plane to london. stephen mcfall was able to get away from the gunman, who made him wear a vest with explosives. his family and young son at home
7:12 am
overjoyed. >> what's the first thing you'll do when you see him? >> give him a big hug. and i won't let go. >> reporter: it is still unknown exactly how many americans were here. militants said seven. a u.s. official has been quoted anonymously as saying at least some escaped. militants called the stunning attack retaliation for french troops in neighboring mali. >> taking a group like this all at once, it's a nightmarish scenario, to be honest. >> algerian state tv is reporting that more than 600 workers were at the facility and that the vast majority have escaped. willie. >> a lot of people waiting for answers. michelle kosinski in london this morning. michelle, thanks. it may be disturbing to some viewers especially if you have
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kids in the room right now. a man beat and robbed a woman waiting for the subway in philadelphia and threw her on the tracks. she managed to crawl over to the other platform with no serious injuries. the suspect was caught two days later, still carrying the victim's cell phone. for 60 years, dear abby dished out words of advice. the column's writer died thursday. along with her twin sister, ann landers, phillips created the column always writing with a dash of wit and wisdom. phillips was 94 years old. second inauguration on monday, the commander in chief has released his official playlist for the big day. some of his old favorites like stevie wonder's signed, sealed, delivered, but one song that might just surprise you.
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♪ baby you're a firework come on show them what you're worth make them go up ♪ >> we know the president's playlist has one song in common with savannah's. alicia keys, beyonce, brad paisley and even the glee cast, and lady gaga. all that as he gets ready to start his second term. now back to matt, savannah and al. >> i count two. anything the glee cast does is on my iphone. >> wow! >> no psy. >> no. they had psy at the white house at that event. >> all right. well, baby, you're a firework. >> let's show you what's going on. a clipper is coming across, bringing snow to the great lakes. there is no ice on the lakes and so that means we could see some really good lake-effect snow starting to creep up. snowfall amounts generally about one to three inches of snow, but
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in the leeward side of the eastern great lakes, some areas may pick up six to nine inches over the next 24 to 48 hours. we'll get your local forecast after this message. different, but the same. new frosted mini-wheats crunch. a tasty square packed with a crunch... [ crunch! ] ...of whole grain fiber that helps keep you full. it's a big breakfast... [ crunch! ] new a little biscuit. smile! ohhh bring it in! ooohhhooh! good morning to you. great looking day shaping up. temps in the 30s to start. it's a cool start to the day but we have a beautiful finish. temperatures today climbing up into the upper 60s. as we get into your weekend, we
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climb even more so. great looking weekend for outdoor plans. what i can tell you right now is looks like we'll have rain as we get into next weekend. hope you have a great friday. >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> thanks, al. involving notre dame star manti te'o and the missed signs that his girlfriend didn't really john yang has the story from south bend, indiana. good morning to you, john. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. not only are people asking how someone like manti te'o could be in a long-term relationship and never meet the person face to face, some are asking how could the people around him not know his girlfriend never existed? it's another day of silence for manti te'o. now there's renewed scrutiny about what he said in the past about his dead girlfriend, who never existed. according to notre dame officials, te'o told him he first learned of the hoax on
7:17 am
december 6th. still, he spoke publicly about her death two days after that on national television at the heisman trophy ceremony. >> i'll never forget the time i found that my girlfriend passed away. >> the sports illustrated cover story on te'o, days after the notre dame star said his girlfriend died of leukemia. >> if he was acting, he should be nominated for every oscar category in the country. >> reporter: in retrospect, the magazine went with the story, despite discovering warning flags like the lack of a funeral notice or obituary. >> some of these little things that popped up, we rationalized away because i spent four days with people talking about this dead girl. >> reporter: reviewing his tape-recorded interviews, he now notices te'o stammered when asked when they met. >> she was very real to a lot of people in a lot of different places from hawaii to california to south bend.
7:18 am
>> reporter: meanwhile, attention is shifting to a friend of te'o's, ronaiah tuiasosopo. his family thanked people for supporting his family. my heart goes out to manti and his family, though never specifically mentioning the website's allegation about his son. tuiasosopo hasn't responded to requests for comment. he played football in high school. his coach describes him as a good, well disciplined kid. >> a big smile on his face. kind of person you want to be around, kind of kid you want your kid to be like, the way he is in school and the way he is as a person. >> reporter: he once auditioned for "the voice" but failed to win a single vote. still no word or any indication of when or even whether te'o will speak out and give a more detailed account. his newly hired pro agent says he's now focusing on his career
7:19 am
in the nfl. savannah? >> john yang in south bend, thank you very much. i had to take notes on that one. it's complicated. >> it really is. >> you have to chart this thing. it's a mess. >> if he's in on it, you keep going back to why. people said he wanted to do it for publicity to win the heisman trophy. he didn't need that. he was the best player at notre dame on an undefeated team. >> by the way, losing your grandmother that you love is a sad enough story on its own. maybe he just got swept up in it. i don't know. >> this other guy that created the fake persona. >> he doesn't exist. >> either creating the persona or not getting a single vote on "the voice" -- >> we'll have more on that in a couple of moments. coming up, the tax that is back, making paychecks smaller. michelle obama celebrates her birthday and the president's upcoming inaugural with a brand new do. first this is "today" on nbc.
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it is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. the san jose mother who lied about the attempted abduction of her 2-year-old daughter may be charged now later on today for filing a false police report. san jose investigators say they discovered the lie after re-interviewing that woman. they say her story just was not consistent. this morning a number of people are very upset by the lie. police who spent money on the investigation and neighbors who for 48 hours thought a child predator was on the loose. >> i feel so angry right now because everybody thought it was real and then everybody was so scared. >> police are planning to discuss this case with the santa clara county district attorney's office who will then decide whether charges should be filed. right now let's look outside. christina loren is here to tell us about a spectacular looking weekend. good morning. >> good morning to you, jon. good morning to you at home. you made it. only thing i have to report to you that's not so great is that it is a spare the air day.
7:26 am
our temperatures today are going to be so comfortable. we'll be in the upper 60s and low 70s. temperatures running warm for this time of year all weekend long. let's look at your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. two big problems making a bad morning. first for the nimitz freeway in front of our cameras north 880 just at the high street over crossing looks like there is a crash there and a number of lanes blocked. folks are really funneled down there approaching the north side of the coliseum there. you see it on the approach. the map shows you the same thing. red quickly building on the approach heading past the coliseum and up into downtown. 580 a good alternate right now. it's tough to get there coming out of castro valley because of the sig-alert north 238 at north 880. that connector with only two lanes has one of the lanes blocked by a disabled big rig. busted a tire. rim is damaged. a tremendous time getting crews there and clearing that from the scene. backup out of castro valley to 580 and continuing north 238.
7:27 am
congestion because of the distraction there. here's your northbound route for south bay by comparison that's much better even though we have a crash working there at mckee. no major slowing 101, 280 and 85 do show a good flow. back to you. >> appreciate the in-depth update. another local news update for you in one half hour from right now. the "today" show rolls on. see you later.
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nfl team that drafts him. if he can be faked out that easy, huh? ball carrier, hey, there's your girlfriend. where? >> jay leno and the other late-night comics making light of that hard to believe story manti te'o. the notre dame star isn't talking about it yet. everyone else seems to be. >> you just knew it was going to show up in late night and many other place. >> absolutely. it's january 18th, 2013. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer. two young cousins with rules to live by, 158 of them. they wrote them down very carefully in a little notebook that they then lost. the words in that notebook so inspired that young man that he went out of his way to track down the owners of that book. we'll meet them all, coming up. they've become a real hit online. >> that's cool. then lance armstrong, of course, is a hero to so many
7:30 am
people, including cancer survivors. a lot of them are heartbroken to hear that he did, in fact, cheat. what will happen to all the support shown to armstrong's cancer foundation, livestrong? we will ask the ceo in an exclusive live interview just ahead. have you got the winter blublue blues? shorter days, colder nights. what one group is doing to try to cheer you up. first lady will be sporting a brand new hairstyle for the inauguration. kristen well keker is at the wh house with that story. >> reporter: she unveiled that hairstyle just in time for the inauguration. everything she does will be under a microscope. the first lady hit the town thursday night to celebrate her 49th birthday, and her new do. earlier, she took to twitter to
7:31 am
showcase this sleek new look, just in time for the start of her husband's second term. and the buzz over her bangs was immediate. "people" magazine tweeted guess who's turning 49 with bangs? yep. bday girl @michelleobama with a new cut. vanity fair weighed in saying there's just no other way to put this. got bangs? she made her marks a fashion risk taker donning a white chiffon gown. setting expectations exceedingly high this time around. >> every time she walks through the door of the white house out into the public, she knows that all eyes are on her. >> reporter: the first lady's office is mum about what michelle obama will be wearing next monday. but one thing is certain. her choice could mean big money for the lucky designer. >> it's almost like holding a lottery ticket when mrs. obama wears a certain designer's grmt
7:32 am
to a very high-profile event. the stock price can rise well over 1%. >> reporter: also under scrutiny, her agenda. an official close to the first lady says she and her team are in the process of developing a second term strategic plan right now. her focus so far, helping military families. >> i won't be satisfied, nor will my husband, until every single veteran and military spouse, who wants a job, has one. moving is fun, right? >> reporter: and the let's move campaign aimed at combating childhood obesity. some critics have wondered why the harvard educated lawyer hasn't taken on more policy-heavy endeavors. >> do you feel like you have to avoid controversy? >> you know, i think that i am strategic. i try to be strategic, because i want to make sure that things that i do further my husband's administration. >> reporter: and the president is also showing off a new look, sort of. just moments ago, the white
7:33 am
house released this new official portrait of president obama. this is also on the white house flicker page. all this, as he prepares to start another four years as commander in chief. savannah? >> when you say new look, i'm expecting bangs but thank you so much. >> i don't think that's good for the president, no. >> it's a big weekend, of course, for the president. we will all be down there this weekend. "weekend today" will be there, lester, erica, jenna, dylan for a special edition of "weekend today." and monday morning, matt, willie, al, natalie and i will have coverage of the events, the ceremony, parade, all the pomp and circumstance as it were. >> it's always an amazing event to actually watch unfold. we hope you'll join us monday morning and throughout the weekend. let's get a check of your weather now from al. >> thank you so much, guys. our friends are all hanging out, little on the chilly side here. we have had snow -- this is funny. we've seen more snow in north
7:34 am
carolina than they've seen in chicago this year. they've got about four to six inches, some places in the mountains of the appalachians picking up 16" of snow. take a look there. as far as your weekend is concerned, weekend weather looking pretty good. we've got sunny skies throughout much of the country. clipper bringing lake-effect snow across the great lakes. sunday, more of the same. frigid conditions. arctic express moves in. highs for minneapolis about 6 below. and then on monday, or the three-day forecast, sunny skies, temperatures in the 40s by inaugural day, partly cloudy skies. one in four chance of some snow showers, temperature of about 38 de 7:35. it's a friday morning. you made it. a great looking weekend shaping up for outdoor activities. this is san jose. the sun now up above the horizon. coldest point of the day and temperatures are still chilly. headed toward upper 60s.
7:35 am
hazy. spare the air alert for today with a lot of ground pollution. 67 degrees in san jose. we keep on climbing into the weekend. temperatures in the 70s at the beach saturday and sunday. >> four really great hats. get your weather any time you need it, weather channel on cable or matt? >> al, thank you very much. you probably have mcafee anti-virus software on your home computer right now. the man behind that highly successful product has been all over the news for a very different reason. he was wanted for questioning in the murder of a man in belize. only problem is that police there couldn't find him. keith morrison did. >> reporter: some stories break. others evolve. this one erupted. >> john mcafee says he will not
7:36 am
turn himself into police. >> reporter: american ex-pat, murdered in belize and john mcafee sought for question iing. he was on the run for nearly a month. but what was it all about? dogs. john mcafee's dogs and his neighbor, greg f auchaull's hatf those dogs. >> he told people that he was going to poison those dogs. >> reporter: after they were poisoned, they were found dead. and mcafee was on the run. >> i had absolutely nothing to do with it. i knew him, but just barely. >> reporter: he used it to change the subject from murder to corruption in belize. in search of the real mcafee, we went to san francisco, belize, guatemala, meeting neighbors, bodyguards and girlfriends. the stories we heard about the 67-year-old's teenage harem.
7:37 am
>> i was ready to shoot him and for some reason i missed. >> you tried to shoot him? >> uh-huh. >> you stayed together after that? >> oh, yeah. he loved me more, i guess. >> reporter: when we finally cornered mr. mcafee in a place he couldn't control the situation, sparks flew. >> i know who killed the dogs. >> reporter: who? >> the government. >> a witness who has no reason to lie says greg faull said he's going to kill the dogs. >> he drank a lot. he always said that. i know he is not the person who killed my dogs. the government poisoned the dogs. >> so who killed greg faull? >> how would i know? >> the whole point is that this is a story about a murder. >> for me, it is not. >> two months after it all began, john mcafee is back in the states, making movie deals while greg faull's father told us the family is still waiting
7:38 am
for answers that may never come. >> it almost feels hopeless, because it's a foreign country. i don't know how to handle it. >> reporter: but it's desperately important to know? >> his whole family is just terribly broken up. we all are. >> reporter: for "today," i'm keith morrison, nbc news, los angeles. >> you can see much more of keith's story tonight on "dateline" at 9:00, 8:00 central time here on nbc. up next, the reason behind your incredibly shrinking paycheck, right after this. one. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas. no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy the most. [ woman ] it's as easy as... one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card.
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back now at 7:43 with "today's" money. have you noticed your paycheck is a bit smaller in 2013? the culprit, the reinstated social security payroll check. sharon epperson is cnbc's financial correspondent. it can make a difference for a lot of people. let's start with the basics. payroll tax cut, what does it go to pay for? >> social security and medicare. this is what the government uses to fund those programs. this isn't exactly a cut. it's actually the end of a holiday that we experienced. >> for a lot of people, it feels like a tax cut? >> it certainly does feel like a tax hike. after the recession, the government decided we want to try to stimulate the economy. we'll give folks a break and lower it.
7:43 am
it went from 6.2% to 4.2%. now it's back where it started. >> and congress decided not to decrease it because they felt that the economy was strong enough? it may sound small to some but doesn't feel small to a lot of people. >> we're talking about 160 million people that are affected by this. the average worker will feel like a $700 loss in income for the year. and biweekly check, that will really hit you. $50,000, it will go down by $38 every two weeks. >> is there a quick and easy way to calculate how much you're going to lose if you're in the mood to do that? >> you actually just calculate your wages by 0.2. >> do you have some tips for us as to what the best way to handle this is?
7:44 am
>> it will take a lot of discipline from a lot of people. you were used to this and now you don't have it anymore. start with juadjusting your withholding. you want a little bit more in your paycheck every time. to do that, you need to double-check your withholding. go to the irs calculator and make sure you have the withholding allowances properly. >> is the worksheet pretty good? people don't mind overpaying, they don't want to owe at the end of the year. >> that is another thing. you have to be very careful when you do that that you don't owe at the end of the year. just double-check where you are. you may want to talk to a cpa or a tax professional to see if you are really withholding enough. the other thing you want to do is check all of the fees. so many of us put everything on automatic pilot. there may be things you're paying for that you no longer use, like my netflix account that i had to double-check and make sure i was using it as
7:45 am
much. look at your credit card and see what the rates are there. you may be able to lower your rate. if you have a higher rate card, don't use that one. use the one with the lower rate. >> good advice. sharon epperson, good to see you as always. >> sure. two cousins, 8 and 10 years old, that we should all be following. and a man finds a gold nugget that weighs more than 11 pounds. first these messages. ( birds chirping ) everything's better with a great cup of coffee. exceptionally smooth and perfectly balanced for a harmonious blend of flavor, body and aroma. green mountain coffee for your keurig brewer. brew a better day.
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. and we're back at 7:49 with more now on that bizarre hoax involving notre dame football star manti te'o and his nonexistent girlfriend. it's taken on a bit of a life of its own. kerry sanders is in miramar, florida, at the radio station big 105.9. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at the radio show.
7:49 am
here, and just about anywhere you go on the dial, this manti te'o story is the topic of conversation. >> so much is riding on what we find out -- >> all right, todd, thank you very much. the important part of it is -- ♪ imaginary lover >> hello. how are you? >> hi, baby, it's me. >> reporter: manti te'o is not talking. but that's not stopping lots of people from weighing in. >> she was a made-up girl. >> imaginary girlfriend. >> picture in picture looking for a 22-year-old woman. >> really shocked. >> very happily in love with a new girl now. she's a wealthy princess from nigeria. >> reporter: in his hometown near honolulu, people say manti te'o is a victim. >> we know manti and we know he wouldn't do that. >> reporter: and on the notre dame campus, support. >> i hope he was a victim, some
7:50 am
misunderstanding. >> reporter: on the internet -- >> hello, everyone. i would like to finally introduce you to my boyfriend. >> reporter: tim tebow's tebowing has been replaced by manti te'o te'o'ing. >> what are you doing? >> proposing to my girlfriend. i think she's going to say yes. >> reporter: and on twitter, you think manti te'o's sad now? just wait till he finds out about santa claus. and the s.e.c. conference, real football, real girlfriends. >> the woman that we know to be does not exist. they took pictures of another gal and said it was her. this other player says he knew the other person. >> reporter: what began on sports channels is now across the dial. >> the girl that everyone thought it was. >> reporter: the mystery is going to make this story only bigger and keep going because that's what media likes. media will keep going on. it will be in the story day number four, day number five. >> reporter: for the late-night
7:51 am
comics it's manti mania. >> could open up a new branch of fantasy football. >> i demand that everyone in be given a fake girlfriend. >> she was really hot. >> the biggest hoax involving notre dame since they were ranked number one in the nation. >> reporter: media experts say that the jokes will continue as a digital conversation for much of today. matt? >> kerry sanders in florida for us. kerry, thank you very much. of course, there were rumors yesterday that we might hear from manti te'o in an interview last night and a news conference yesterday. both those things went away. >> surprise we haven't heard from him. he didn't actually get out in front of this. now he could blunt it a little bit by saying something. >> he had a fake press conference yesterday. >> just not going to let up, are you? future that have organization after your local news. been all fun and games here at the hutchison household. but one dark stormy evening...
7:52 am
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gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? i usually say that. it is 7:56. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. rest up for sunday because it will be action packed for sports
7:55 am
in the bay area. in the morning, the mavericks goes off. 24 of the best surfers in the world will take off at 8:00 a.m. swells expected to reach 30 to 40 feet. at noon, kickoff niners looking for second straight year to go to the super bowl in the championship game taking on the atlanta falcons. winner heading to that super bowl. niners and colin kaepernick are in santa clara right now expected to fly out to atlanta this afternoon. of course at 4:00 the sharks out of that lockout get a chance to get the season going. a shortened 48-game season. they will start off in calgary sunday afternoon. the puck drops at 4:00. if you want to do something before that, how about get outside. christina loren says it will be nice. >> it really is, jon. good morning to you. and you know we're forecasting rain next weekend. enjoy your days off with beautiful weather. 36 degrees in san jose to start. chilly. you want to dress for two very different parts of the day. high pressure is going to bring the storm track way to our north
7:56 am
and our temperatures up into the 70s in some bay area cities right by the beach as a matter of fact. santa cruz today, hitting 70 degrees. 67 here in san jose. meanwhile, 67 for fremont. 67 in san francisco. in the weekend, even warmer. let's check on the drive. good morning, mike. >> overall it's a friday commute pretty typical. in oakland we have two big issues affecting your traffic. north 880 at the coliseum at high street look at that. the map shows you the big backup north through the area. other issue is also north 880 at north 238 causing a big problem. they can't get that big rig out of the lanes. a tow truck is trying to get there. stuck in traffic so jammed out of castro valley. 580 shows slowing westbound. big rig trucks allowed as there tends to be when there's a problem. >> another local update for you in one half hour. see you then.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
it is 8:00 now on a friday morning. the 18th day of january, 2013. although the sky is blue and the sun is peeking out, it's cold here in new york city. >> sure is. >> got some people out here on the plaza, bundled up against the wind and the cold. we thu thank them for stopping by. we've come out to say hi. i'm matt lauer, along with savannah guthrie and mr. al roker. all right. so we now know that lance armstrong has admitted to years of doping and lying. he says he knows there will be a lot of people who will be angry and disappointed in him. does that include the man who is the president and ceo of the charitable foundation created by lance armstrong, livestrong? that man is doug ulman and he will join us in a couple of minutes. so many questions about the future of that foundation. he will join us for an exclusive interview in a couple of minutes. >> a lot to talk to him about and a lot to talk to jessica
8:00 am
ch chastain about. she has a scary new movie that actually gave me a nightmare last night after i watched it. we will catch up with her in a few minutes. >> freaky. >> it's scary. >> oh, man. all right. to switch gears a little bit, two young cousins, putting down little pearls of wisdom. for example, don't keep saying please if someone says no. i wish my kids would listen to that. they actually lost their book but it inspired the young man who found it to track them down and give it back to them. it's a really great story. >> it is. very heartwarming. natalie is off today. willie geist is over at the news desk. willie, take it away. >> okay. good morning, everyone. lance armstrong says his mythic story was, quote, one big lie. he has now admitted that he cheated in all of his seven tour de france victories. in an interview with oprah winfrey that aired thursday night, he says he used
8:01 am
performance-enhancing drugs and that doping was common in the cycling culture. 48 hours ago, notre dame star linebacker manti te'o arguably was the most marketable player in the nfl draft. now that is threatened because of a hoax about his girlfriend that never existed. questions remain whether he was involved in the hoax or is a victim. he has been projected as a top ten pick. officials in chicago this morning are exhuming the body of a lottery winner. urooj khan decide as he was about to collect his lottery winnings. a family member's call for an investigation led to the discovery that he was poisoned with cyanide. authorities are hoping an autopsy will provide some new answers. toyota has settled the first in a group of hundreds of pending wrongful death and
8:02 am
injury lawsuits involving sudden acceleration by toyota vehicles. the auto giant reached an undisclose undisclosed settlement agreement for a couple who died when their camry careened into a wall. chase and pnc are coming up with atm machine that is spit out $1 and $5 bills. a 12-pound nugget in australia that could be worth more than $300,000. that prospector is choosing to remain anonymous. al paccino is set to take on the role of late penn state head coach joe paterno. this by the director to directed
8:03 am
him in skgs scarface." recovering from vocal cord surgery, he sang the appropriately titled "speak for me." ♪ >> sounds pretty good. he also tweeted this photo of him on a stage that read "and we're back." >> got to see him about a month and a half ago, playing guitar for bruce springsteen. pretty cool. you have all these things you want to do. >> i've done eight. >> eight out of the 40? >> yes. >> "today" is one of them? >> one of them. >> check them off. all right. let's find out what you've got going on for your weather of the day. pick city of the day, holy
8:04 am
toledo! temperatures 35 degrees. as we look on the satellite radar, there goes the tropical -- i should say winter storm moving off the atlantic coast. lot of sunshine making its way through the south. lake-effect snow and clipper snow coming across the great lakes later on today. look for some morning snow leaving new england. high surf advisories along central california's coast. and air stagnation advisories continue in the pacific northwest. birthday girl. caroline. where are you from? >> we live here in the city. >> very nice. what a cutie. 8:05. good morning to you. i'm christina loren. we'll have temperatures much warmer than average for this time of year. that's right. your eyes are not fooling you. 70s today. 68 in santa cruz and 67 right
8:05 am
here in san jose. 64 in san francisco, getting very comfortable there. we're going to stay nice and mild all weekend long. next week we get cooler and cloudier. maybe showers into sunday. you should be on a smucker's jar, 100 years old, bowdoin college. >> the mascot is over there. >> polar bear somewhere. there's one over here. >> who's the polar bear? >> their mascot is a polar bear. >> i thought you were calling me a polar bear. >> somebody is a little sensitive. >> okay. thanks, al. glad we worked this out. coming up next, a lot of people are talking about the lance armstrong confession. many people feel betrayed. coming up, we'll talk to the ceo of livestrong, the charity foundation that lance armstrong founded. what does he think about all this? we'll ask him in a live, exclusive interview after this.
8:06 am
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8:09 am
we're back now at 8:10 with more of what lance armstrong had to say last night about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. in a moment, we'll get reaction from the ceo of livestrong foundation. can make jerks bigger jerks and humanitarians bigger humanitarians and she wanted to know what fame had done to him. >> i would say i was both. and we saw both. and now we're seeing certainly more of the jerk part than the activist, the humanitarian, the philanthr philanthropist, the leader of the foundation. i am deeply flawed. we all have our own flaws, but if the magnifying glass is normally this big, i made it this big because of my actions and because of my words and because of my attitude and my defiance. and i'm paying the price for it. and that's okay. you know, i deserve this. i see the anger in people.
8:10 am
i see people -- >> anger and disappointment. >> and betrayal. >> betrayal. >> it's all there. and these are -- these are people that supported me, believed in me, believed me. not just believed in me, but believed what i was saying. and they have every right to feel betrayed. and it's my fault. >> doug ulman is the ceo of the livestrong foundation and lance armstrong's long-time friend. he is with us now exclusively. mr. ulman, thank you for joining us. >> good morning, matt. >> you watched that interview as a friend, but also as the ceo of a foundation that is built on this guy, built on his reputation and his accomplishments. now those accomplishments have been proven to be a fraud. take me through the process of watching it as the ceo. >> well, obviously, it was incredibly difficult.
8:11 am
the whole situation is very sad. and there's been frustrating times. watching it was hard. it was hard. yet i have to watch it through the prism of the work of the foundation and through the resilience that i've come to know from millions of cancer survivors and people who have been touched by our work. so, at a certain level, matt, there was a little sense of relief because our organization today can finally move beyond this topic and this issue. >> can it really move beyond it, mr. ulman? it's built on lance armstrong. if lance armstrong is a fraud, do you expect people to be waking up this morning saying, yeah, i'm going to continue to donate money to livestrong? >> well, you know, listen, i met lance armstrong because of my cancer journey. and through our cancer advocacy work. over the course of the last d k
8:12 am
decade, i've seen the generous support, both personal, financial, time, energy of million millions of people who have been touched by cancer. and that's what this organization is all about. lance decrcreated it before he won the tour. lance gave us this platform. and it's our responsibility and our opportunity to take this forward. >> because you've known him for so long and because you are the guy who has to run this foundation, can you look me in the eye and say that even before you heard the words coming out of his mouth last night, you didn't already know the truth? >> well, matt, what i can tell you is that i knew in october. when that report came out, it was pretty clear to the world what had happened. and hearing it last night again was very difficult. >> and even before october, did you have very, very strong
8:13 am
suspicions that, in fact, all the allegations were true? >> you know, i think the intensity over the last year, as it picked up, you know, did thoughts wander into my mind? of course. but october was the point in time when i think we all came to that realization. >> you mentioned lance's work with people with cancer. you're a cancer survivor. back when you were young, i know you got an e-mail, encouraging e-mail from lance armstrong. how do you square these two sides? how do you square the guy who lied and cheated and betrayed his teammates and then bullied people to keep that lie going with the guy who has done the work he has done for cancer survivors? >> you know, again, the prism with which i have had exposure has been through the foundation and through the cancer advocacy work. and so it's a very different prism. it's a different view.
8:14 am
you know, i've been hearing from so many people this week, as you might imagine. someone who i respect so greatly, an oncologist in harlem who has fought for justice in care says sometimes great things come from imperfect origins. that's what i was thinking about last night when i watched this show. and i think it's so appropriate and so true. >> so livestrong will remain viable? it will continue? you have no fears of that? >> absolutely. will there be challenges ahead? for sure. but we are buoyed by the support of literally millions of people, by the support of great programs and partners, partners like nike, who have recommitted their support. we are going to be in a challenging situation for a period of time. but the mission is so important, we're open for business today. and if people out there need our services, are battling cancer, dealing with the practical,
8:15 am
emotional, physical side effects, we want them to call us. we're here to serve. >> doug ulman, i know it's a difficult morning for you and all the folks at livestrong, but thank you for taking the time to join us. >> thank you so much. up next on a much different note, jessica chastain on her golden globe win, oscar chances and a very spooky new thriller. that's right after this. give a couple beginners a great idea, and they won't be beginners for long. they'll go to where they can get the skills, the savings, and the supplies they need - to go from beginning... to doing... to beautifully done. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now this ashland vanity is a special buy at just two hundred, ninety-nine dollars. call (star star)thd to shop now.
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and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. new roc® retinol correxion® max. nothing's better than gold. we are back at 8:19 and jessica chastain is on a roll. she just won a golden globe for her role in "zero dark thirty." she has another movie, her supernatural thriller "mama." jessica chastain, good morning to you. we'll talk about this scary movie in a moment. first, congratulations are in order. >> oh, thank you so much. i'm still not quite used to it. it's been within this week that the golden globes happened and it's an everyday kind of -- i replayed it in my mind. that happened, that happened. >> you're flying back and forth to l.a. and new york. are you keeping the statue in
8:19 am
your carry-on bag, taking it out and admiring it? >> no. it's like i have it leading me, walking into the theater with my golden globe. >> good accessory. in your speech you talked about how hard you worked to get to that moment. people may have the impression, wow, suddenly you're everywhere, one of those overnight successes that actually took years and years. >> yeah. i think everyone has that impression when someone bursts on to the scene. for me, i mean, i went and studied in college, i did a lot of theater, lot of guest spots. >> you even talk about the chastain curse. >> yeah. >> tell me about that. what does that mean? >> we used to joke that there was something called a chastain curse. when i started getting parts in films, it would get delayed for some reason. the studio would get sold. they would put my movie on the shelf i jokingly called 2011 my
8:20 am
reel because i had seven movies kind of come into the public at that point. >> i know you're really savoring those moments. you got the call from kathryn bigelow to star in "zero dark thirty." >> yes. >> you still have the voicemail? >> it's still saved on my cell phone, november 21st at 1:04 pm is when she called me and left that voicemail. >> it's getting a lot of critical acclaim, stirring a lot of controversy as well. kathryn bigelow did not get nominated for best director for the film. do you think that's a direct result of this controversy, that some people feel that it overemphasizes the use of those h harsh interrogation technique that is a lot of people consider torture? >> i don't know. when i found out she didn't get nominated it really felt like an arrow into my heart. so much of my performance is because of her and her trust in me and her guidance in playing the role. i'm excited to be part of a film that creates a conversation.
8:21 am
kathryn bigelow released a statement to the l.a. times two days ago, brilliantly written. and she says perhaps we should start to focus on the government officials who implemented the policy, which i find that a really good point. >> let's take a turn, talk about "mama." i have a clip. it's a little scary. take a look. >> what's wrong? what's under the bed? [ screaming ] >> where is jessica chastain in that movie? that dark hair. >> come into the movie theater and i realized immediately i was getting typecast as the perfect mother, the perfect devoted
8:22 am
wife. and it was like the stubborn person in me was like, you cannot put me in a box. you can't typecast me. i'm going to play guitar in a punk band who is selfish and doesn't like kids. >> we're seeing you in so many different scenarios. jessica chastain, always a pleasure to see you. congratulations again. >> thank you. >> now here's matt. working very hard to make people a little bit happier. here is nbc's ron mott. >> reporter: in boston, the morning commute for many is a rush hour of shuffling feet, crowded platforms, poker faces. not exactly the recipe for warm and fuzzy. >> hi. good morning. >> reporter: in a series of social experiments, as they're called -- >> welcome to boston. >> reporter: bostonians are now being gently squeezed. >> good morning. happy friday. would you like an orange? >> thank you very much. >> have a fabulous day. >> reporter: to smile. >> i saw them coming up and i had a big smile.
8:23 am
>> reporter: this day, oranges on the t. >> say hi to people around you. >> reporter: there have also been high fives at fenway. ♪ if you're happy and you know it clap your hands ♪ >> reporter: acapelas in those quiet awkward elevator times. a suicide prevention nonprofit, friendly reminders of the power of connection. >> it's amazing when you give someone a smile and a greeting, nine times out of ten, you get that back in return and that really does make a difference. >> reporter: volunteering for samaritans has been a life changer for 17-year-old jessica krueger, who says depression hit her as a ninth grader but with help she found her way out. >> saying hello to one extra stranger or giving someone a nod is so important to someone who may be struggling for whatever reason. >> reporter: an orange and a
8:24 am
smile aren't cures for something as serious as depression, but samaritan volunteers are convinced these simple little gestures are enough to make the city brighter. since starting these surprise moments, they say it's gotten easier to sell a smile. >> there is power in that smile. it made us feel better. that positivity feeds on itself. >> reporter: in the fifth largest metropolitan area in the country, invisibility is a reality. but one samaritan hopes to change. >> our life is about connections to other people. and i think a lot of times on our daily commutes and our daily lives, we're very disconnected. some people go out of their way to make you smile. >> thank you. >> if not, a touch happier. for "today," ron mott, nbc news, boston. >> hope that catches on in a lot of cities. coming up next, hottest online videos of the past week.
8:25 am
good morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm marla tellez. it's a big day for the police department. the chief will step down. chris moore announced earlier this year he would retire on january 18th moore denied san jose's casino matrix. escobel be take over as police chief until they can find a replacement. he says he is not interested in taking the job on full time. mike, the roads are pretty empty. the bay bridge toll plaza at least. what do i know? >> no, you're absolutely right. the fdr a very light, as typical. 880 has been a nightmare up through oakland. we saw the jam. still recovering. but it's moving quickly as far
8:26 am
as if recovery. that tow truck just arrived on scene. hope to get that cleared. two tough issues holding people up from getting people to the bay bridge. >> now it makes sense to me. i just saw the toll plaza shot. there it is. see you at 8:56.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 now on this friday morning, the 18th of january, 2013. wow, i almost got run over. that is a new bike. it's a bike. it can go -- >> i'm here to pick you up. >> we're walking here! >> carry on. nothing to see here. nothing to see here. that little bike can go 1,800 miles on a gallon of gas or equivalent of it. we'll have more fun with katie and her tech gadgets coming up. all right. also ahead, rules to live by, like don't get into other people's business. and don't fight -- these are written by two cousins, 8 and 10 years old.
8:30 am
they lost the book they wrote them in. that young man found it. we'll tell you why he was so moved by what he found in that book that he went out of his way to return it to those young ladies. >> don't bite the dentist. >> note to self. note to self. >> hottest clicks of the week. vote with you have a returning champion or new one. flowbie ponytail. >> we are looking for today's stars of tomorrow. perhaps your child is the next p picasso in the making or your daughter is a great inventor. send us a video. we can showcase their talent right here on "today." go to for all the details. let's say hello to kate mclaughlin, voted off the b"the biggest loser." good morning to you, kate. there's a lot less of you. you've lost 19 pounds on the ranch. how much have you lost overall now? >> 53 pounds. >> i understand you are training
8:31 am
for a marathon. >> i am, yes. i'm up to seven miles. >> wow! >> you kind of changed the entire way you eat, haven't you? >> yes. >> what are the biggest changes? >> the biggest changes, i do not eat out after the gym. it used to be called fat tuesday, kind of a joke. you are running errands after your gym workout. you go get something to eat. now it is fit tuesdays, protein shake and an apple with me. >> you had some professional modeling shots done. why was that so important? >> i did have some professional modeling shots done. it was so important to me because it was something i always wanted to do. i never had the courage or the confidence. and after being on "the biggest loser," they taught me that it really doesn't matter how big or small you are. it matters how you feel about yourself and that you deserve good things. >> kate, you definitely do. "the biggest loser" airs mondays, 8:00, 7:00 central. so proud of you. thanks for stopping
8:32 am
good morning to you. you made it to friday. it's 8:33 now on a friday. temperatures will be so nice this week. the cold snap is over. you saw part of the reason why. the san francisco 49ers flag blown in the breeze. gilroy, for example. 57 in fremont today. and 65 in livermore. temperatures will climb more so over the course of the weekend. we'll peak on saturday and gradually cool you off to next week. al, thank you. >> see, i do that all the time. >> not so much fun when everybody else has to do it, is it? >> no problem moving inside. we're all in tip-top physical condition. really, no problem at all. >> you want me to do this? >> no, i've got it. all right, al. >> somebody turn the fan on. >> top clicks, favorite viral video of the week.
8:33 am
kind of have a dads theme going here this week. >> howdy doody. >> winner from last week, if we can have a drum roll, please. daddy and i know it. this was your favorite, father of five finds time to parody's lmfao's "sexy and i know it" ♪ i work out i got diapers in my hands and i ain't afraid to show it show it show it ♪ ♪ i'm a daddy and i know it >> that's our winner from last week. but has some stiff competition this week. click number two, a dapsi idanc toddler who stole the show from his dad. singer coffey was doing a show in texas when his 17-month-old son, ethan, decided to bust a move. this one is too cute. good moves. >> his mom is a dancer, right? >> professional dancer. has been in videos with rihanna
8:34 am
and others. clearly, it's in the genes and he already has some moves. >> click number three, a vacuum ponytail. frightening at first, but apparently effective. >> no. >> gets the scrunchie on the end of the vacuum cleaner and sucks out a ponytail. >> very clever. >> revolutionary. it will change the way we think about hair care. >> someone is going to market this. >> next generation of the flowbie. if you come across this cat on a street corner, playing three card monty, just walk away. he's a ringer. kiddo has mastered the shell game. to think he was abab doned by two different owners before finding a home and a place to practice his craft. let's see it, what have you got? boom, got it. kiddo, the cat, master of the shell game. those are your choices this week, all four of them. go to our website,
8:35 am
vote for your favorite. the choices again, i'm daddy and i know it, reigning champion, baby steals the show. daddy's perfect ponytail and stump the kitty. >> any favorites here on the couch? >> number three. >> number three? i think so, too. >> i like the cat at the end. >> i like the little kid dancing. i'm a sucker. >> you're a softy. coming up next, two young cousins' precious rules of life written down. but then they were lost in a parking lot. how they got their book back. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
back now at 8:38 with rules to live by according to two young cousins. they wrote them down in a notebook and thought they lost it in a parking lot and it was gone forever. >> walmart employee remained ay
8:38 am
flores read that book and was so inspired he decided to try to return it to its owners. good morning. nice to see you. raymond, what was it? you look at this book. it was ofl written by children. you could tell that. here were these simple rules. what made you decide you had to get this book back to the people who wrote it? >> you can see some of the rules are very simple and childish, no poking, no squeezing. and then there are very meaningful ones, about the book, too, like don't color in the rule book. be nice to books. and what really got me the most was rule 154, to protect this book. >> and you did protect the book by finding its true owners. that's not an easy thing to do. did it have their names in it? >> nothing at all. no clue to whose it could possibly be. my brother, paul, figured out a way to get it out to the media. we called a few news stations and overnight it was all over the internet.
8:39 am
>> isabella, you put a lot of work in this book. i've looked through it. how long did it take you to do this? >> two weeks. >> 158 rules to live by. how did it make you feel to know that this guy was so inspired by what you wrote that he went out of his way to find you? >> it made us feel good. >> good and -- >> felt like you had really written something that made a difference for someone? >> yeah. >> how did you guys come up with your rules? 158 are a lot of rules. how did you think of all of them? >> we look around us and see what happens around us and stuff. >> and our parents and our moms tell us not to do stuff like that. >> so you write it down in the rule book so you can remember? >> yeah. we go to our grandma's every wednesday and we remember the rules and we write. >> let me read off a couple. no talking back. listen. try to make things fair. don't bite the dentist.
8:40 am
i don't know, how did that one come up? >> i was going to the dentist. >> okay. don't eat when your mouth is numb. don't color on people and here is an important one, don't text and drive at the same time. do you have a favorite? >> well, i have two favorites. don't bite the dentist and no texting while you're driving. >> how did you guys feel, number o one, when you lost the book and then when you got it back? were you really happy? >> yeah. >> i thought i would never get it back, but i did. >> do you always live by the rules or do you sometimes maybe mess up a little bit? >> sometimes we mess up a little bit. >> at home. >> do you want to add a rule to the book? >> when i found the book, 158 was empty. so i asked them if i could join their little club of the rules and they let me fill out 158. i wrote stay in school. if i could add another one, i
8:41 am
would say be compassionate. >> and don't underestimate the power of two young ladies. >> and don't underestimate the power of either. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
this morning on eat smart "today," diet books. when it comes to weight loss, one size does not fit all. how do you pick the right plan for you? madeliyn fernstrom joins us. how do you pick the criteria? >> four easy criteria, based on scientific information, not just one study. secondly, written by people with health credentials. the third is that it's easy to
8:44 am
understand. you could really implement this and fourth not promising a quick fix. you're in it for the long hall. >> we've got five categories of diet books. this is just the facts, ma'am? >> just the facts, this is based on a government partnership of dash dietary approaches to stop hypertension, modified to actually provide a weight loss solution. it's varied. there's no deprivation, all kinds of foods, step by step. scientific background. and thinner this year, written by a nutrition scientist and story teller. you're getting a snapshot of all the scientific background. >> next category is step by step. if you want directions, eat this, not that basically. >> if i don't want a lot of background, tell me what to do, written by physicians, aarp new american diet. don't be put off by the fact that aarp, thinking it's for 50 or older. it's well balanced, american and mediterranean eating. shred, typical kind of snacks around 100 calories. breakfast, lunch, dinner, two
8:45 am
snacks. here is what you eat how you do it. and mix and match. this is good when you say tell me what to do. >> that looks like diet food. and if you love to cook but you've got to diet, these books are for you. >> this is not for beginners. you have to shop for the stuff, prepare the stuff. if you want to cook the parisian diet, eat to lose, eat to win. and even smart chef stay thin. lot of things you could make at home. if you would feel deprived if you're not having that experience, these are great for you. >> the next category of books getting more to the root causes of why we overeat. >> right. this is the group for people who are walking encyclopedias of why am i not losing weight? train your brain to get thin, diet dropouts guide. dropout is a good word. these are strategies of how you can reconnect, change your views of food. i've added al's book of never goin' back. someone who has had severe
8:46 am
obesity, gained and lost more than 100 pounds, surgery as a tool and lifestyle did not work for him until he changed his relationship with food. so this is for emotional eaters and really inspiring. you can get a lot of go-to information. and it can work with other diet books as well. >> i'm partial to this author, that's for sure. and then finally, kind of the updated classics for 2013. >> oldies, but goodies. always sound information. mayo clinic diet written by a group of experts or volumetrics, eat more food when you pump it up with water, air, fiber. a teeny bit of quarter of a cup of ravens or a whole cup of grapes. these are classics. they're good ones. it's most important that one size does not fit all. know yourself and pick a volume and a book you'll connect with. >> madelyn fernstrom, very good advice for us. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. you can head to for more information on these books. a calorie-freeway to enjoy
8:47 am
your favorite drink. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 now. we've got "today's" trends of 2013. it's going to be a big year when it comes to technology, especially in areas like transportation and medicine.
8:49 am
katie lynendahl, talk dirty to me blog. my favorite blog. >> this is a hybrid electric bike, believe it or not. three different ways to power. you can actually power. there are solar panels right on the ruth and lithium ion batteries. you want a little electric, a little boost, no problem. >> 30 miles per charge, takes two hours to charge. 1,800 miles on the equivalent of one gallon of gasoline? >> one gallon. this isn't made by gm or audi. this is made by north carolina start-up company that actually has sold over 72 units to date, will start delivering in march. >> how much? >> $4,000, which is kind of pricey. >> right. >> you're saving a lot of money not purchasing gas over the years. >> for medical technology, big year as well. >> yes. >> this is irobot rpvita.
8:50 am
>> come meet us. a patient in a hospital can't get a particular doctor, bring that doctor right into the room, have a conversation with that doctor. there are two lenses on the top here that can get an upclose, personal look at the patient. you can make private calls on, stethoscope on the other side. this is just amazing. >> are these in use right now? >> they are. this is the first autonomous bot, running down the hallways, not bumping into anything. >> and you can read its handwriting, which is always good. this one here helps doctors and nurses find the vein when they want to take blood. >> exactly. very traumatizing for anybody that goes in and they can't actually find the vein. using dlp technology. you can see quickly, now hospitals are reporting they can find the vein on the first try. >> especially when you've got a young patient. i've had that with my daughter where they couldn't find the
8:51 am
vein. >> poking them with the needle. vein viewer. >> we talk about concussions in sports in 2012. >> yes. >> this helps doctors and coaches know when the hit has been severe. >> absolutely. very hot on this gadget right now. big spotlight on concussions. this is a high-tech mouth guard and also a high-tech skin patch you wear behind your ear in conjunction with microsoft technology. these are being used in full practices at games at university of stanford and michigan. there are sensors inside here. you wear this, player gets hit on the field. in real time it will send that data to a coach or clinician saying pull them out. data is too high, impact is too hard. this one day, i hope, makes its way to the nfl. >> i love that one. this one, i read about it twice last night. still have no idea how this works. >> bottom's up. you are actually going to sip this cloud. this is -- >> we have one of our guests here, jumping the gun a bit. that's all right. >> we'll get to you in a second.
8:52 am
this is an inhaleable cloud. >> wait, wait, wait. let's go to this one first. come over here. these are the robots. tell me about them. >> these are from posey, actually jumped the gun here. choreograph your own robot. speaker and this little guy will be on the market for $45. >> how do you turn them off? >> it will turn off in a second. >> and this again? >> this will be out later this year for 165 bucks. it actually allows you to -- >> one more time! >> no, no, don't say that. >> we heard michael jackson so we came over. >> you can consume your favorite beverage without the calories? >> exactly! no calories. >> doesn't this remind you of college? >> this is for alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. this is classier than a keg stand. >> how does it work? >> it turns it into a vapor? >> yes, it turns it into a vapor. minimal calories. go ahead and have at it. way better than beer pong.
8:53 am
>> wow! that's booze. >> yeah. >> you're supposed to go -- >> yeah. >> how much is this? >> that will be out later this year called lawuf. >> anybody got cheese noodles? >> first take a look at how the week unfolded. you're not supposed to get the munchies. a helicopter in london hit a crane and plummeted to the ground in a fiery heap. >> at least three americans ambushed and kidnapped in a deadly terror attack in algeria. >> president obama set to launch public support for his gun control efforts. lance armstrong made this confession in an interview he taped with oprah winfrey. >> did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> if he was acting, he should be nominated for every oscar category in the country. i recently met up with justice sotomayor at her childhood church. i wonder what, if anything, you're ambitious for now. >> i haven't finished growing yet. >> the college student
8:54 am
celebrating a big win gets nearly trampled until a star player comes to his aid. >> i was going to put him back in his chair. when he got in my arms, he started cheering so i started back cheering with him. >> curtis "fi'ty cent" jackson. i like to think of us as friends now. >> identical twins who married identical twins. >> be honest, have any of you mistaken your aunt for your mom? >> yes. >> i did not notice that. >> i'm out of here. ♪ >> to a great golden globes. >> love ya.
8:55 am
good morning to you. it's 8:56. happy friday. i'm marla tellez. a health care for giants star pablo sandoval. this is a newspaper picture of him checking into a venezuelan hospital. doctors diagnosed him with collitis. it is a swelling of the colon and often includes abdominal pain. let's get a look at forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. good morning to you at home. you made it to friday. we have a great looking day shaping up. a worm week ahead for outdoor
8:56 am
activities. that means saturday and sunday. we'll cool off a little bit next week and bring in some clouds. showers next saturday and sunday.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
and we're back now on this friday, january 18th, 2013. i'm willie geist with al roker, savannah guthrie and tamron hall. up with kids or wanting to change your passion and career? we have advice on how to do just that. making over your man. if you're tired of the oversized blazer or khaki slacks on date night, business casual pleated pants. >> i like those. >> well, we've got some trendy tips to update your guy's style. >> i like that. >> are there tips on how to approach it? do you lay out the jacket and say put this on? >> like an emotional handbook as well. >> the '80s called and want your wardrobe. >> treat him like a 5-year-old.
9:00 am
put the clothes out. >> does my bum look big in these jeans, do you have that same reaction? >> no. tell us what to wear and put animals on it so they match. >> i like it. just how far can your money go these days? what you can get for $300,000 or less. >> all right. but first, let's get to "today's" take three. we begin our take one, lance armstrong. where else could we begin? he confessed to oprah last night. we've been talking about that this morning. part one of his interview. part two will air tonight. here is a clip of that. >> were you a bully? >> yeah, yeah, i was a bully. >> tell me how you were a bully. >> i was a bully in the sense that you just said, that i tried to control the narrative. and if i didn't like what somebody said -- for whatever reasons in my own head, whether
9:01 am
i viewed that as somebody being disloyal or a friend turning on you or whatever, i tried to control that. >> right at the top of the interview he admitted to having used performance-enhancing drugs. that kind of got into a little bit of the story of a decade of going after people who crossed him or accused him and essentially bullying people. >> we talked with tyler hamilton, who initially lied like lance did, and eventually came clooen clean and lance went after him hard. he said lance armstrong probably feels a lot better, he is starting the process where he will feel better and i thought he was very gracious, considering what he has been through. >> in the healing process and to forgive those so you can move on. >> i know he has ruined liveses, i've interviewed people who were ruined, their families. i felt so sorry for him. oprah said are you better today
9:02 am
or tomorrow? he said i'm better today, but i basically wasn't yesterday. feeling his back was against the wall. i thought if i go on air and say i felt sorry for him, people will kill me on twitter. >> why? >> he ruined so many lives. just because these days we say we're sorry, it doesn't all disappear. children that are permanently scarred from his actions. he still has $100 million and h maybe not -- he's probably not right in his head and has to go to counseling to figure out why he lied for so long. but i feel sorry for this guy who created his own problems and -- >> maybe more feeling sorry about the whole situation. not just lance arm stropg. he's sort of representative of it. it's such a sad commentary that you could justify in your mind doing this because everybody else is doing it and probably was. not everybody but a large portion of that sport was doing it. >> do you think he told the whole truth and nothing but the truth? >> i hope so. >> he didn't divulge name or
9:03 am
talk about other people who were involved. he is keeping some of it close to the vest. i guess he wanted to keep the focus on him. some people are saying the only person he felt sorry for was himself and he wouldn't have done this interview unless he fes felt forced to do it. livestrong charity, that's part two of the interview on oprah's own. take two, first of all, michelle obama, first lady of the united states, joined twitter yesterday with the handle @flotis. >> welcome. >> newsbreaking enough. but then her first tweet was a photograph of herself sporting a new do. >> wow! >> so she's got the bang. >> yes. >> first impressions, tamron hall? >> shout out first to her hairstylist from chicago, who i met when i was 18, did my hair when i was 18 in his basement. now he is at the white house. thises what i got.
9:04 am
>> only because you look -- blatant attempt at -- oh, i'm so ugly. >> this is why i only visit, i don't stay. no, it worked. thank you. bottom line is she looks hot, very cleopatra. it reminded me, actually, of natalie's bangs. natalie was, i guess, the inspiration. >> carrie washington doing bangs. >> kate middleton, to name a few. also our producer inspired by our first lady of the united states, went in looking like this, this morning, into the offi office. i think we have the before picture. and there's the after. >> makes you mysterious to have bangs. >> that's a compliment. >> for guys you look like mo from the three stooges, but girls you look sexy. >> and young. >> you don't like the -- >> in a word, no.
9:05 am
this is christina bailey, younger sister of one of our producers, roberta bailey. she's about to get bangs just for the cause. had you planned, christina, to get bangs before this segment? >> no, i hadn't. i do love how they look, though. >> right? >> for my new mysterious look. >> are you nervous at all? >> no. >> she has a large amount of hair. >> arson will be doing the work from lewis licari. good to see you. >> you want to make sure the bangs are done just for you. you don't want somebody else's bangs. that's the main thing. >> she started off looking like cousin it. >> framing it for your face. >> it has to really complement your face. >> do you have to have a certain hairline? i have a big cowlick. >> just make sure -- it only takes a minute to get bangs. >> okay, wait. let's focus on -- >> tamron, have you ever had
9:06 am
bangs? >> of course, i've had bangs. >> they're going to be cute, christina. i can already tell. >> why is it we're so intrigued by bangs? it becomes the hot topic. what is it about bangs? >> if done right, it actually opens your face. >> really? >> it enhances your eyes. >> you would think the opposite because it's going over your face, that it would close off your face but it opens your face. have you ever had bangs, willie? >> no. >> george clooney caesar? >> right. >> what about if you have curly hair? >> just keep in mind that your hair will shrink and keep it a little bit longer. >> we'll let arson finish the bangs on christina. let's check out whatever is going on here. henry hargraves. i want to call you an artist because of what you're doing here. tell us about these creations here. this is real food, edible food. you've made it more interesting. >> yeah.
9:07 am
lo look, basically i read a story about a mother who was having trouble getting her son to eat and so she decided to make all food colorful and basically make it fun for him. as i read this, i thought it would be a really cool thing to try and create visually. basically i tried to create thing that is were exciting, fun and i love using food to tell the story. >> is this plain old food coloring? >> it's odorless and tasteless, basically. and, yeah, so i'm also really just interested in people's notions, how kids find color excited and adults are almost repelled by it. >> sure. >> how do you dye a whole slice of pizza? >> pretty patient, dough to start with. >> it's in the dough, not like you're dipping it? i envision dipping. >> we basically roll the dough out, paint it. >> how is it? >> that's pretty --
9:08 am
>> i'm going to let you guys -- >> what part of brooklyn are you from? >> little place in brooklyn. >> do we want to see christina's bangs before we go? >> wow! >> very cute. >> very nice. you're all smiles already. >> that was quick. >> look in that camera. take a lock at you. >> oh, so cute. >> you're hitting her right below her eyebrow. is that the right length? >> for her. you want to make sure they're not overpowering. >> sure. nice. christina, thank you so much. >> thank you, to you, for the colorful food. we'll send it over to willie with a check of the headlines. good morning again, everyone. the president is reportedly developing a nonprofit group to help further his legislative agenda, according to the associated press. the organization is the first ever of its kind. it will accept donations from individuals and from corporations. this, as new jersey governor and prominent republican chris christie blast an nra ad that uses the president's children to
9:09 am
make its point. christie called the ad, quote, reprehensible and said that children of lawmakers are off limits in particulars. manti te'o was arguably the most marketable player but now a hoax revealed an online romance with a woman who never existed. questions remain about whether te'o was involved in the hoax or just a victim. the uncertainty could affect the team's willingness to draft te'o come april. he has been projected as a top ten pick. toyota has settled the first in a xwroop of hundrgroove of h pending wrongful deaths by unintended acceleration of toyota vehicles. they reached an agreement with the toyota of a utah man and woman who were killed when their camry careened into a wall. today readers are
9:10 am
remembering pauline phillips, who died thursday. along with her twin sister, ann larnds, she now created the column, always writing with a dash of wit and wisdom. phillips was 94 years old. are you in the market for a house, looking for something late 18th century right in the heart of our nation's capital? too bad, the white house not for sale, but having fun, calculating what that building would go for using an algorithm. what's it worth? about $295 million, but like most of our homes it was worth a lot more years ago. if you need help getting off the couch and starting your morning, this cat can help you out. let's check -- ooh! i don't know if that's helping you out. >> not nice! >> just look how he evicts his
9:11 am
buddy from that couch. >> that is mean! >> but nobody got hurt! >> i don't know if we can say that. >> i don't know if that's true. >> nicer way to do that. long distance relationships can be tough. these two dogs found a way to stay in touch. check this out. >> pretty nice. that's fantastic. >> cool. >> that's sweet. that's better than the cat. >> cat was going for blood. >> hey, look at my thumb -- >> al. it is now 12 minutes after the hour. now back to al with a check of the weather. >> i thank you for coming on to this show. they have this fan for you. >> i know. >> willie's biggest fan. >> it's nice, isn't it? >> it's great. >> the ladies don't like it. we're freezing. >> freezing. my hands are cold. >> toughen up. >> we're not penguins.
9:12 am
you are, apparently. >> anyway, let's show you what we've got for your weather. >> battle of the sexes. >> that's right. nothing like that, as we forecast our weather, we're looking at plenty of low pressure, making its way. these clippers coming across the great lakes, bringing a lot of snow over the next 48 hours. first the western great lakes, then across to the eastern great lakes as well. snowfall amounts right in the leeward side of the eastern great lakes. we expect from watertown to montpieler anywhere from six to nine inches of 9:13. you made it to friday, and look at where our temperatures are headed. into 70s in gilroy and santa theresa. we'll get pretty close to the 70s in san jose and fremont at 67. mid 60s for san francisco and oakland. surfs up this weekend. 8:00 a.m. on sunday. it will be chilly at the mavericks festival.
9:13 am
1:00 p.m., 69 degrees. it is going to be so nice around here this weekend. we're going to cool off a little bit as we kick off next week. >> and that's your latest hour. al, thanks. are you waiting for an encore? creating a new career later in life. that story, right after this. fight dryness. roughness. breakage. creating a new career later in life. that story, right after this. e ? creating a new career later in life. that story, right after this. a ? creating a new career later in life. that story, right after this. d ? creating a new career later in life. that story, right after this. y ? creating a new career later in life. that story, right after this. dare to take the pantene 5 signs challenge today. i took the dare. will you? pantene. daily moisture renewal. hair so healthy it shines. very interesting. cool. i like "success." joy. i got cracker chips. [ laughing ] chocolatey pretzel. mmmm.... special k! [ female announcer ] snack and stay on track with special k. i like "confidence." i am a confident lady.
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but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use. [ cheering ] any flight, anytime. the scoreboard doesn't lie. what's in your wallet? hut! i have me on my fantasy team. back now with more of "today." maybe you've been home, raising the kids and you're ready to get back into the workforce or you've been at the same job for 20 years and you're looking for a change. "encore career handbook," marcie alvelar is the author. what are we talking about, exactly? >> work in the second half of life that combines personal meaning, social impact and, of course, a paycheck in you want it. >> this is a personal story for you. you had a moment in your life, in your career, you're sitting
9:17 am
on a beach. you get a phone call from the office. what happens next? >> i had my early encore moment. i'm really writing here and we're focusing on people who are in midlife. it was earlier when it happened to me. i had one of those like i can't do this anymore moments. i call it the crisis of conscience. you're just doing something for 20 years. i had it earlier. you just think, i can't do one more day like this. and i then went and went through what was really a challenging reinvention. i was a corporate lawyer. i didn't really believe in the work that i was doing but i kind of fell into it. you wake up day after day of doing something and you wonder, is this all there is? could i be doing something more meaningful? i could have reinvented as a lawyer but i decided to return to something i always wanted to do and i became a journalist. >> let's be honest, that's a scary idea. i could be doing something more with my life but they've invested years in a career,
9:18 am
moved up to a position where it's comfortable and safe. what do you say to those people who say i'm not willing to take that risk? i want to but it's a little scary. >> something that happens and hits mid life, you start thinking, what do i have to lose? you look ahead and say the time left is feeling shorter than the time that came before. i think a lot of people are ready to take that jump. we see a lot of people at where i work, people who -- the kids are out of the house, the mortgage is paid down. they're like, this is the time to do something that really matters to me and to the world. >> okay. a couple of quick steps. >> sure. >> you're talking to that person right now sitting at home, what should they do? >> what keeps you up at night? what are the issues that you can't stop thinking about that really matter to you? where have you volunteered when you have time? sitting on any boards, active in your community? deepen those commitments. most people that do work that has some kind of social purpose, they were already doing it. they were giving themselves away. and then what happens is that those organizations see you and they want more of you. it's like that try before you
9:19 am
buy mentality. go do things. >> is age ever an issue, very quickly some people say maybe i'm too old to jump into a new job. >> most common question i get is, should i dye my hair? i say quit focusing on what's on top of your head. start focusing on what's inside your head. maybe the makeover you need is a skills makeover. >> hopefully, you inspire some to do what you did. marci, thank you. >> thank you. >> you can read an excerpt of "encore career" at and share your story. homes for 300 grand or less. first, these messages. with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network,
9:20 am
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9:23 am
simpson's character? >> yes, he does, montgomery burns. i don't know if you can see his teeth. >> oh, my gosh. >> release mr. burns. how did you discover this? >> his look? >> yeah. >> i got him at a farmer's market and when i first saw him, i knew that he had a different look, but he didn't have teeth at the time. and then over a period of time he started growing his teeth and i just knew he looked like a cartoon character. >> tuna has something like 130,000 followers on twitter. >> he does. >> he is on instagram. when did this blow up for you? >> he has a blog tuna melts my heart. play on words but he is melting people's hearts. i'm shocked at how much they love him. >> why don't you hang around? >> see your best tuna face. send it in to us. just ahead, exotic animals. u so. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. u so.
9:24 am
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good morning to you. it's 9:26. an online petition has gathered more than 500 supporters asking the district attorney not to file charges against hernandez. he's accused of killing a suspected burglar at his apartment complex. hernandez' lawyer says he acted because the san jose police department was slow to investigate a series of thefts at the complex. supporters will gather outside the spear your court today to rally for hernandez. a man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and her friend at the san rafael bridge toll plaza will be sentenced to death today. a judge chose the death penalty over life in prison after nathan buress said he had no remorse and would do it all over again. this marks the first capital punishment verdict to be handed down since 2009. coming up after the break we'll look at the forecast and check
9:26 am
the roads.
9:27 am
happy friday. you made it. temperatures will be really nice this afternoon. especially down in the south bay we're getting our warmest readings. 70 in gilroy. 70 in santa theresa. and 67 in san jose. we'll keep climbing into the weekend. 72 is the forecast. high of santa cruz tomorrow. there's a high surf warning in place. we want to keep that in mind. temperatures stay comfortable. next week we bring them down a little bit and at cloud cover. but no rain potentially until saturday and sunday of next week. so enjoy it while it lasts. let's check on the drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. every have a day? oakland is having a day. now we had an earlier problem at the coliseum. that is causing the backup on the maps. but recovering as you're north of san leandro. they no longer allow big rigs
9:28 am
through the area. we have slowing because of a series of accidents north of highway 13. a couple of crashes and one breakdown there. we have a middle lane blocked but still slow through the stretch. also slow south of 880 towards the mission area. that's not a big deal as far as the flow of traffic. rest of the south bay is starting to clear off. back to you. >> i hope things get better for
9:29 am
i, barack hussein obama, do solemnly swear -- >> four years ago, barack obama taking the oath of office, first african-american president. monday he will be taking the oath of office again. we'll bring you coverage, from the first lady's outfits to the new haircut, the bang that is everybody is talking about. that's "today" at the inauguration monday. meantime just ahead, sporty soccer dad look. is that you, al, maybe? >> no. >> to sophisticated casual for date night, maybe. we've got style advice for your man. open house tour from ohio to washington state that will give you an idea just how far your money will take you these days, all under 300,000 bucks. >> very nice. we're showing our wild side because we don't have another side. unusual creatures.
9:30 am
tegu. apparently known for his tongue. i'm not kidding. it's a unique way of hunting. >> i'm just looking at you. >> no, you're not just looking at me. >> wildlife. >> but first, my friend, a gentleman, lester holt, has a preview of what's coming up. you didn't just look at me. you looked at me like -- >> what? wow! i'm sorry. >> what do you think, tuna? >> yeah. let's see it. >> back to me. >> early in the morning. >> we're heading to d.c. for president obama's inauguration. we'll be there sunday morning, go behind the scenes of the inaugural ball, show you what piece of the inauguration you can take home and a look at what the next four years may have in store mplth after co store.
9:31 am
then after coming clean, can lance armstrong restore his image? what steps he needs to take. and can you have a relationship online without ever meeting the person? in the wake of the manti te'o case, we'll have a look at what's called cat fishing. >> back to the drama at hand. are you two okay? >> when al looks at me, i always expect him to say something like -- like al. >> i was kind of waiting for it, to be honest with you. >> thank you. >> in other words, it's because i didn't say anything that i got in trouble? >> that's right. >> if i say something, i get in trouble. what the heck? well thank you, lester, for backing me up. thanks for giving a brother a break. over the weekend our own natalie morales will be on the cover of this weekend's "parade" magazine. >> very cool. natalie moderated a round table in december around four notable latinos of very different backgrounds and experiences, talking about how latinos are reshaping this country as the largest minority group. good for her. >> can't wait to see it. and you've got a check of the
9:32 am
weather? >> yeah, i do. i'm averting my eyes. let's see what we've got as we look ahead for the weekend. saturday, air stagnation advisories continue in the pacific northwest. nice and mild in the southwest. lake-effect snows on the weekend for sunday, sunday, more arctic air coming in. it will really be cold through the plains, into the northeast by monday. and, in fact, on inauguration day in washington, sunny and cool saturday, sunday and on the day -- thank you, tuna -- partly cloudy with a 25% chance of a snow shower, too. temperature of 38 degrees. lot of big tooth and grins around the bay area this weekend. we have a beautiful warmup to look forward to. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's also something to rejoice about. very little traffic there. we'll get the details on your drive with mike in just a moment. 70 in gilroy.
9:33 am
6 in beautiful santa cruz. we'll keep on climbing saturday and sunday. leveling off just a touch monday and tuesday of next week. the next chance of rain is saturday and sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. and thank you, tuna. >> you're welcome. thank you for having us. >> absolutely. we'll check out the instagram. >> can we see the face one more time? >> bring it on. thank you. making over your man's style. at home.
9:34 am
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9:37 am
yeah, uh, thanks for introducing us. anything for a friend. ooh, strong grip! ow! ♪ so, wanna grab a bite somewhere? here's fine. oh no, oh no, ahhh! fashion fitness for every guy. the editor of, to help men feel and look good. good to see you, tyler. >> good to see you. >> hey, listen, let's start from the premise that you guys look awesome. >> i also feel like one of the munchkins. >> todd is a tall man. >> tall fellow. you don't have to change over the wardrobe, just a couple of key items? >> that's right. talking about modernizing instead of doing the full-on makeover here, couple of key
9:38 am
changes can make a big difference. get into a rut, get into their comfort zone. we'll modernize things. >> weekend style, going out to watch the kids' soccer games, ease toy throw on sweats and get out there. check out the before picture of our model, david, what he was wearing. now what did you do with him? >> we've got dad jeans going on here in this shot. you can always tell the age of the guy's oldest kids by his jeans. we'll start with cargo pants. jeans are great, but cargo pants are even better, young dad's best friend, bottle in a pocket, diaper in the other. i've done this. david himself is a young dad, 39, three kids and a fourth on the way. >> wow! >> this guy is on point. cardigan, a shirt, backpack. you're set for a day on the go. >> this is not expensive stuff? >> nothing here is over $60. >> that's pretty cool. business casual. let's take a look at chris
9:39 am
before you got ahold of him. >> all right. so, listen, we're talking about baggy, pleated chinos here. big faux pas. too many guys are doing this. time to put the business back in business casual. that's what we're going to do here. chris, in his after look, has some slim fit alpha khakis, plaid shirt. it's not dressy by any stretch, but it fits and we put a tie from tie bar. we're loving tie bar right now. 15 bucks of the everything here is slim. it's proportional. he's not fancy, but shows that he is giving respect to his peers in his office by putting effort into it. >> a lot of people can't pull out the slim jeans or pants, what do you recommend for that? >> your clothes should fit you. there are a lot of guys who are in shape and they're swimming in their clothes because they're comfortable in it. your clothes should fit you. this is a great look for him. >> looking good. moving on to date night.
9:40 am
this is a big one. going out with your wife. >> it's a big one. let see the before here on wayne. >> not terrible. >> not terrible. it's a look you see a lot here. the problem here is a, the untucked oversized shirt and the blazer is a little big. keeping this look at arm's length. not putting in enough effort. valentine's day is coming up. >> step it up. >> it's time to step it up. i think he looks great in this after look. blazer. this isn't a suit. tie from personality milano. tie bar. pocket squares all about mastering the details. sending the signal that you're putting in the effort. >> nicely done. >> do you have a date night coming up? >> sure do. >> he will after today. >> that's right, wayne! that's what we're talking about. thank you so much. coming up next, are you in the market for a new home? what can you get for 300 bucks -- 300,000 bucks or less? first these messages. [ doorbell rings ] donuts? ♪
9:41 am
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9:45 am
across the country. good to see you. can't wait to get to it. let's start off with the city of alliance, ohio. where is alliance? i know it's in ohio. >> what's great about alliance, it's within commuter distance to cleveland, columbus and akron. it makes this area very valuable. this is a very pretty house on an acre of land. >> that is pretty. >> it has a gurgling creek running through the front yard. i love those four tall trees. picture that house without the trees it's not nearly as pretty. >> very romantic house. >> pardon me? >> romantic. >> definitely. this is an old house, over 90 years old -- pardon me, 70 years old. they've done a total gut renovation on the inside. every room is pretty. oversized windows living room, one of the four fireplaces that are in the house, crown molding and hardwood floors. definitely needs new lighting, you'll see. up the wattage in the bulbs. that's all they have to do. kitchen has white cabinets and dental molding and extra sink
9:46 am
and shelving. people love an extra sink. it feels like luxury in the kitchen. right next to the kitchen is a cozy family room with a half wall that divides it from the rest of the open floor plan. remember the price, it's only $268,000. >> perfect. now to georgia. what do you have for us there? >> mid century mrnd house that really photographs beautifully at night. it's in the northeast quadraon f atlanta, georgia. you'll see in the big room inside, wide windows that let in tons of light. i think this is a very sexy, sophisticated room. the bright kitchen has just been renovated with new light wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances and stylish backsplash. leads to a private deck. this has to be the neatest bedroom i've ever seen in my life. doesn't look like what i left this morning. look at the office. look at these people, how they
9:47 am
live. are they really living here? yes, i checked it out. this is the office, sleek and lean and perfect for two people. this house is meticulous. >> beautiful. to chitown, what we can see for $300,000 or less. >> this is a good house at 275. it's a classic -- please excuse me. i have a cold. >> that's okay. >> 1880 row house in the historic bronzeville neighborhood close to lake michigan. this same house was in brooklyn, new york, you would be paying ten times $275,000. it has 11-foot ceilings throughout. the kitchen has espres. o brown cabinets and desk space. lower level berber carpeted room downstairs, sliding glass doors right up to the backyard and gray and white master bedroom looks peaceful, almost underfurnished. this is a nice house you can move into it. >> very nice. >> you have to buy one of them. >> up next, though, we are getting wild on the "today"
9:48 am
show. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
9:50 am
this morning on "today's" call of the wild, fascinating animals from around the world, busch gardens, julia has brought along some of her favorites you may never have seen before. >> why don't we go ahead and pass him right over to al so that we can get to see. this is a binteron, an asian bearcat. >> yeah. >> very unusual animal. >> and not that light. >> no! probably weighs 30 pounds or so. >> look at the tail. >> these are animals --
9:51 am
>> popcorn. >> exactly. >> no! >> do they all smell like popcorn? >> yes. >> what is that? >> if you take one of these, you can get a large s do. a. >> and free refills. so, yes, these guys are just so unusual. they look like kind of a cat. they walk like a bear. that's why they're somewhat called bearcats. but very coarse hair. feel his hair. >> amazing. >> the tail being prehencil tells you they need it up in the trees. they hang on to the branches. >> where do you find these? i've never seen one before. >> southeast asia. not very many places have them. you can see it at our show at busch gardens tampa. he performs in castaways. great animal. >> if we can track down your -- >> we'll go ahead and take fiona off here. you can't have that.
9:52 am
that is for later. >> doesn't want to go. >> can she hang out or no? >> no, no, not so much. it could turn out badly. >> you'll have to try this. willie, hold your arm out. >> okay. >> this is panini. go ahead and call. >> come on, panini. >> go! >> fly, pelican, fly! >> this is called the spoon bill. look at the bill on here. brandon, go ahead and bring him a little bit closer. >> good job, panini. >> there. you can see, i fed him fish. those long legs. he gets the coloration, just like flamingos and just like carrots from carotene, the color of pink or orange. >> the dads are very instrumental in helping raise the babies? >> that's exactly right. you need both mom and dad. chicks grow very, very fast. they need to go out, catch shrimp, krill, come back and feed the chick. in about a month those chicks
9:53 am
are ready to take off. >> beautiful bird. >> beautiful bird. beautiful. >> wetlands because this type of animal needs healthy wetlands. >> look at the length -- >> release me! >> into the wild, my darling. >> we actually hunted those animals. now look at this beautiful lynx here. talk about an animal that has adaptations for living in extreme conditions. this animal can actually survive in 65 below temperatures. you're looking at tamron. >> he really is. >> sorry. >> he can get very playful. if you want to see -- >> this could go badly. >> look at the tail. look at the tail. it's amazing. >> remembers the spoon bill. >> huge paws built for the snow. >> look at that claw. >> just like snow shoes. this animal can hunt animals two to three --
9:54 am
>> bobcat. >> in the same family. a bobcat is much smaller, found in the united states here. this is actually a siberian lynx that can reach sizes up to 80 pounds. it can get to be a fairly large cat. >> so many wildcats endangered? >> 80% of all wildcats are endangered because we find them -- >> oh. >> we find them actually threatening to a certain extent. and because humans have taken over a lot of land. >> julie, thank you so much. coming up monday, full coverage of the president's inauguration.
9:55 am
good morning to you. it's 9:56. i'm marla tellez. a california lawmaker wants teens to preregister to vote at the age of 18. the proposal would give california the country's youngest minimum age for submitting an affidavit of registration. they would still not be able to vote until they turn 18. the democrat behind the proposal says it's similar to getting a learner's permit before being
9:56 am
licensed to drive. christina is taking a look at the forecast. going to be a good weekend. >> high pressure is still in control. temperatures climbing to the 70s in some cities. we'll see mostly upper 60s. just perfection, except for the fact that the spare the air day. layer of haze out there. 67 in san jose. temperatures keep on climbing to the first part of your weekend. next week we'll see more cloud cover but chance of rain not until saturday and sunday next week weekend let's check your drive. >> good morning. and much better for folks in oakland. that's heavy but much better than the past two hours. look at the map. we have slowing right here towards the coliseum.
9:57 am
and then moving to downtown and heading up 580 is also slow. south 680 we have slowing as a new crash happens and there's a live look heading into freeh month. you see a car broken down right next to that sign. and in the south bay it starts to improve greatly. we'll see it build as everyone wap wants to come to a beautiful city on a beautiful weekend. >> we'll be back with our next news and weather update. see you then. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or why it doesn't have to be an adventure to stick to your new year's budget.
9:58 am
because safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a case of arrowhead water is just $3.33. folgers is $7.99 for the large size. that's a huge deal. rise and shine. simply orange oj is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
9:59 am
. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it's friday. >> today is dry day friday. >> we're counting down. >> 19 days to go. it is the weekend coming up. >> some more finds today. i'm going to go to wilton, connecticut, to the library there. they're going to have a fun crowd of crazy ladies and men. i'm going there. i'm going to new orleans this weekend to do signings for my book. >> what are we drinking? what is this? >> this is, um, called a cognos with fruizon ice -- >> why fruizen?
10:00 am
>> because it's spelled f-r-u-i-z-e-n. >> you like it more because it's tart. >> it has a little something, jerry. >> sometimes i miss my daddy so much. >> what? >> he would always come into the house and say how about a little sip of something? >> i like that. >> in honor of him saturdays are now going to be sipping something saturdays. >> here is a t.m.i. question. when you are in a public place with friends and you have to go to the rest room, and you're in the middle of a conversation, and you have to go to the rest room, do you say, hey, i have to go to the rest room, and do you leave, or do you say excuse me, i have to step away for a moment, and i'll be right back? >> here's the thing, nobody goes into a rest room to rest. you know? i don't know how it ever became a restroom. >> or ladies room. >> can you imagine walking in d you see people standing around. what are you doing? resting.
10:01 am
>> see, you always say i have to go to the ladies room. >> i say the ladies room. >> whenever you have to go. >> i think there's a crass way to say it. no. people do that and it's, like -- >> gross. >> yeah. >> because you envision it. that's what makes it gross. >> yeah. miss manners answered and said that not everyone is as charmed by bathroom announcements as this other girl seems to be, and excuse me is sufficient. >> i think it's a little weird. if i'm in the middle of a conversation and they say excuse me and they leave, i would like to know where are you going? i'm telling a story. >> because they want to go -- [ flushing noise ] >> whenever i say i have to go to the restroom, it means i'm leaving. >> i have to say -- >> i mean, what else could i possibly say? >> why don't you just say the truth, which is i'm bored to death, and i'm out of here? >> i think the best philosophy is you're the first one there and say hi to everybody.
10:02 am
>> you've made your mark. >> then by the time people start arriving, they don't remember that you weren't there at the end or when all the craziness happened. i don't like to stay at the party. i like to go, and then i like to leave early. >> do you find that as you get older, you like parties less? >> yes. yes, i do. i like them less. i like the initial part, the beginning part of it. i like to see people, but i don't like -- i'm not a fan of staying. i go to places ten minutes early. i'm like the weird guest that arrives before it starts. >> vince lombardi would have loved you on his team. if you are there on time, you're late. basically ten minutes early is lombardi time. >> we're going to take a little -- this one makes me crazy. these are supposedly five things a woman should never do in front of her husband. okay? five things you should never do in front of your husband or boyfriend. okay. so get ready. the cafe agrees that certain things should be kept private. >> yes.
10:03 am
>> okay. let's -- >> they think other things are fine like take a shower in front of them is fine. >> let's go with this one, and you have to read it because i don't like saying that word. agree or disagree. say it. say it. just say it. >> pooping. should you in front of your significant other? do you agree or disagree? >> actually, the best thing is just have it hygenically removed. >> no. >> it's not -- okay. >> that's never great. >> popping a pip mple. >> no one wants to see this. >> nasty. >> nobody. >> pick your nose? >> no. >> all right. keep that stuff to yourself. >> hair removal. >> i don't know if i totally agree with this. shaving your legs is okay, but waxing -- well, not waxing.
10:04 am
brazilian, no thank you. tweezing is not acceptable. i think tweezing is fine. if you have a little, you know, stray hair, that's nothing. this is the worst? >> this is the worst. >> cut your toenails. no. >> i have been on a plane when someone was doing that with the snapping ones. they go flying. they go flying. >> the person had no idea that it would be repulsive to anyone around, an errant male flying on the plane. >> i told you my grossest story ever. about toe jam. >> i can't even hear it again. go ahead. >> it's a fun story. sfwli just remember the end. i don't really remember the lead-up. >> that's all i have to remember. >> toe jam. >> a pedicure on this woman's really skanky feet, and all of a sudden that stuff jumps up in her mouth. >> ew. ew. i forgot it was in her mouth. that's really gross. that is so -- >> it was not my idea to do this whole thing, okay? >> all right. >> i was against it.
10:05 am
>> the good news about botox -- >> it's all good news about botox sdwloosh they say it can enhance your mood, and i guess the reason they believe -- >> for what? >> not for chemical reasons, but they say if you look frowny, and you have a turn-down here or a increase, when people look at you they see a scowly person, so they react looking at your face with, like, hmm, but if you look pleasant and happy -- >> so we should do it for other people? >> yes. but they're reacting to you, so you are feeding off of their reaction. >> do you find sometimes that somebody has like a really, really deep furrow that you just can't take your eyes off of it? you know? you're like -- you're trying to have a conversation, but you were just into the furrow, and you couldn't believe it. >> you know what, you could lose things in there and miss them for days. >> i know. it is weird that you get lost. i think botox sometimes leads you expressless. >> yeah, yeah. >> you know? i wasn't pointing at you because
10:06 am
you are very expressive. >> i have had it since i was 40 years old. >> you are expressive. where do you have it? you put it here, right? >> you know what, botox -- first of all, it's been around for ever and ever and ever. it's been fda approved forever and ever. it's always -- it's in the hands of the doctor. yeah. that's the -- when people get too much and you look like that, go to somebody like dr. wexler that's an artist and knows when it's too much. you know? you can get it in your neck now, and it tightens up your neck. you can put it in your armpits for sweating. >> uh-huh. don't look at me when you say that. >> you could try that, hoda. >> i'm not doing botox. it is unnatural to clog up your sweat glands. it's coming out somewhere. i would rather know where it was coming from. okay? all right. so -- >> it just finds a different exit. you want the perfect smile?
10:07 am
is that what you're trying to say? >> this mouth guard is -- >> it supposedly makes you have the perfect smile. how does it work? >> you put it in. >> okay. what happened? >> this way? ♪ ♪ be happy >> where does it go? >> bottom or top? ♪ when you worry you make it double ♪ ♪ don't worry >> no, it's down. it's under. >> no wonder. ♪ don't worry, be happy now >> it's supposed to make you smile. the instructions are -- >> it's chinese. >> it's japanese. >> oh, whatever. i can't read it. >> you are right. it's chinese. >> anyway -- >> how long are you supposed to wear it? >> all right. it is time -- >> what is this good for? >> it's time for kathie lee's
10:08 am
friday funny. >> i love when you do weird accents. >> i could see it was italian, so i figured is it mate, that would be frerchg. i'm a little confused. all right? boy. here we go. a driver is stopped by a police officer, and the driver asks what's the problem, officer? the officer says you were going at least 75 miles per hour in a 55-mile-an-hour zone. >> yeah. >> he said, no, sir, i was going 65. when his wife chimes in, oh, harry, you were going 80. the man shoots his wife a dirty look. then the officer says i also have to give you a ticket, sir, for the broken taillight you've got. the man says broken taillight? i didn't know about a broken taillight. again his wife says, oh, harry, you've known about that broken taillight for weeks, and the man shoots his wife another dirty look. the officer then says auto & i'm also going to have to give you a citation for not wearing your seat belt. the man explains, oh, i just took it off when you were walking up to the car.
10:09 am
his wife says, oh, harry, you never wear your seat belt. the man turns to his wife and says shut it, please. the officer looks at the woman and asks, ma'am, does your husband always talk to you this way? the wife says, no, only when he is drunk. >> that's a good one. that's a great one. you know what it's time for? >> bobbie's buzz. >> hey, bobster. >> that was a cute one. i have some problem solvers for the new year. i really wish i would have thought of this, but revlon did. you know when you get nail files and they get dull really fast in your drawer, and instead of throwing it out, revlon has created one that you peel and you have fixed. >> that's genius. >> this is so smart. >> so smart. >> i have this horrible habit, i'm going to admit, i pick my face. when you break out. >> you never break out. you have the most gorgeous skin. >> i'm really good at covering it up. renee russo, we have her name on the website, she created this toy that you can kind of keep your hands busy while watching tv or reading a book so that you don't pick at something because
10:10 am
usually when i pick at my face is when i'm watching tv. it's not the sexiest thing to admit, i know, but i do want to share this because this has been quite handy. i tried it starting over the holiday, and it worked. i swear. try it. >> you haven't picked your nose, anything? >> nothing. these socks are called note to self, and there's an endearing back story. a mom was watching her kids play sports and was bummed with all the criticism that the coaches sometimes get and to look down and get a positive reminder. she created these socks that have great strong, confident, beautiful. you look down at your toes. they're on want front. even for the babies. i'm a blessing. isn't this sweet? everything is on-line at klgandhoed >> we have big news for you. in conjunction with johnson's baby, we're celebrating new moms everywhere. every week we'll feature your bundle of joy. send us a photo, with a birth date, weight, and words of wisdom about parenthood, and can you feel free to get silly, and
10:11 am
you'll have a chance of having your baby's photo shown right here on our show beginning next friday, january 25th. for all the details, go to our website i found one of these sitting around, and i thought we should give more to our fans. if you chit chat with us, and we'll give it out at random. >> if you go to one of hoda's signings -- >> can you meet her. she's having a ball as a member of the first family of comedy. josh gad from 1600 penn right after this. ix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems,
10:12 am
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donuts? ♪ you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] new special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? [ traffic sounds ] ♪ help satisfy your hunger longer with the special k protein line. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? >> josh gad is it playing in the white house really well these days on his new comedy 1600 penn. he plays the man child whose dad happens to be just the leader of the free world. >> and the first son whose character, skip, is goofy and column si, and a little over the top. he is a college dropout, and is he real. even though his family live together in the white house,
10:15 am
they try to find normalcy among the chaos. he happens to be the show's co-creator and executive producer. >> excuse us. >> it is really a lot to live up to. >> yes, it is. >> a lot of days i'll just pick one. like it will be mad libs. today i want to be more executive producer so i'll write myself out of the scene. >> is athat what you do? >> you're writing it as well and giving yourself a big laugh. >> as an executive producer i can help the writers. i must not be in this scene or i must be extrav ganttly big in this scene. >> your character is unique. >> he doesn't quite long. >> you look like you're -- >> skip has his own kind of wheel of gravity, so to speak. >> his own universe. >> his own universe, and he means well. he really does. i think that the beauty of the character is that he genuinely, genuinely has his own sense of reality about things. it's that sense of reality that
10:16 am
offers his father and ultimately his family an alternative path. i think sometimes for the better. sometimes for the worse. >> how old is he in this? >> he is 25. >> and still living at home, which is the white house? >> he just moved back home. he was in college for seven years. >> of course, he was. >> he didn't graduate. and, yeah, so now his parents, his father in particular, feels that it's better to have him under lock and key than to have him -- >> absolutely. he will have insurance until he is 26. >> what is your character, the son, think of jenna elfman, the stepmother. not the trophy wife, we should point out. >> i think the character loves jenna elfman. i think he watches a lot of "darma and greg." i think he really -- the two of them are the most relatable of the bunch. like, she just gets him, and he, in turn, is able to give her useful knowledge. >> this is a political show, we should point out. you guys don't tackle politics, but --
10:17 am
>> there's references to politics only in service of the family stories, and the entire thing is a family comedy that just happens to take place in the most extraordinary bubble imaginable, the white house. it's all in the service of that and everything else is -- >> are they embarrassed by skip, trying to hide him a little bit? >> i would think it's fair to say embarrassed. i think it's fair to say mortified sometimes. they're all great adjectives. >> in the first episode a burning chair goes flying out of the window of the white house. >> a burning chair does -- >> it happened, hoda. >> we open big, and then we dial it back. we start with a big thing. >> skip had something to do with the burning chair? >> yeah. >> well, he put a jacket on a lamp and subsequently the jacket caught fire, and so he just thought, you know what, i don't want the white house to burn down. i'm going to -- >> he meant well, hoda. >> i don't know. >> let's play a little trivia. we have a couple of seconds here.
10:18 am
here we go. >> abraham lincoln. >> in what blockbuster movie did your co-star bill pohlman famously play the president of the united states? >> independence day. the correct answer. >> who recently played on the silver screen a first lady who once said "our wrongs will be made right and we will once more taste the blessings of freedom?" >> sally fields. >> yeah. got that one. >> you got one. >> all right. you're a presidential kid on tv. who plays one in the 2004 film "first daughter?" >> katie holmes. >> you are -- >> you know what, i think there is. there's a parting gift for you. let's bring out the present. what is it? >> oh, my goodness. i have always wanted my own -- this is actually incredible. i can finally do the research that i should -- >> before you started the show. >> the book i was looking for. >> all the best. >> you watch 1600 penn.
10:19 am
>> you can floss those every day. >> 9:30, 8:30 central on nbc. >> don't worry, get happy. the hottest apps and web sites. you might find that fascinating. right after this. stir it up, stir it ♪ ♪stir it, stir it, stir it up, stir it up. ♪ stir up a smile, with hershey's syrup. two little letters...
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10:22 am
>> kicking off a new season called appy where sara gives us the hottest apps and web sites. we hear you have two shopping-related tools for us, sara? >> the first one is called price, and can you see it on the screen behind you. it's a website to go to. it's a free download. what happens here, see that yellow bar across the top? that's going to come up whenever you're on a shopping site. it deals with thousands of retailers, so it only pops up when you want it. not in facebook or somewhere else. i'm going to show you the plus of this. i'm shopping for a coffee maker right now. when i click and the dropdown menu, it shows where it's selling and for how much. >> so the actual article? >> yep. >> you put it in, and -- >> it will pop up, and you can
10:23 am
check in on it. >> check the prices. that's genius. smart. >> with an appliance, you can save up to a few hundred dollars, if you are looking for a washer or something. it also gives you reviews, so you're never the first one to rate this. you can always find it even if it's elsewhere. the last perk is the coupons. on the amazon website they have deals going right now. you can see what you can do to make that coffee maker even cheaper. >> excellent. >> the next one, hoda, it was kind of inspired by you. your purse is a black hole, possibly an abyss. you've probably lost one of these. >> i never like gift cards. go on. >> there makes it easy. this app called gift, can you see it over here g-y-s-p. you click on this, and yesterday i took this exact dunkin' donuts card. it prompted me to add the card, and then the retailer, and you type in the code. now, when i go to coffee later, i click on this, hit redeem. >> then what happens? >> i just hand it over, and they scan it, and recalculates the
10:24 am
amount. now, the cool part is if you have other cards with expiration dates, can you set reminders and regift it? >> this is all great. >> i love it. >> you're going to love this. >> i'm going to love it. i'm going to use it all the time. >> we're going to show you fashions to hide the extra weight in case you have put on a few pounds. >> and pesky problems around the house. >> we're going to tell you about affordable last-minute getaways after this. i've discovered gold. [ female announcer ] the gold standard in anti-aging. roc® retinol. found in roc® retinol correxion deep wrinkle night cream. it's clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin. now for maximum results, the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum to create retinol correxion® max. it's clinically shown to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. new roc® retinol correxion® max. nothing's better than gold.
10:25 am
yep...doh. [ boy ] slurpably fun and a good source of calcium. dads who get it, get go-gurt. it is 10:46. good morning. i'm marla tellez. lake tahoe is in the running to host the x games. they're on the list of eligible destinations to host the extreme sports contest from 2015 to 2017. if tahoe wins, competitions will be held at heavenly mountain resort and squaw valley. we'll look at the forecast and the roads after the break. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
10:26 am
real big deals of the week. or why it doesn't have to be an adventure to stick to your new year's budget. because safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a case of arrowhead water is just $3.33. folgers is $7.99 for the large size. that's a huge deal. rise and shine. simply orange oj is just $2.88.
10:27 am
real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. welcome back now. the time is 10:28. we have a good looking bay shaping up. temperatures climbing to the 70s in some cities. we'll have your full forecast today at 7:00. >> all right. we're going to finish off our cut-ins, our local updates with oakland again. the coliseum is now moving very smoothly. 880 out of heyward. we do have a little slowing north of the earlier scene, north of the high street bridge
10:28 am
where we took a look. heading into downtown continues a slowdown. 580 is much recovered. south 880 is starting to move much better over the last half hour. really nicely to mission boulevard. that is a little slow, but typical midday slowing. more problems for northbound 880 approaching 237 and a new crash out of san jose causing distractions and slowing near the interchange and so we have the slowing there. 101 past the airport. this is much more smooth now. it was a tough morning, but finally i think things are starting to calm down. back to you. >> thanks so much. we'll have more on the day's top stories coming up in 30 minutes. bob redell is taking on the harlem globe trotters. you don't want to miss that.
10:29 am
>> we're back on this dry day friday with winter getaways for less. whether you want to soak up the sun or play in the snow, we've got you covered. >> yes. sarah is the digital project editor for "travel and leisure magazine." >> we're in the heart of winter, and a lot of people want to get away. are there still good affordable trips you can take? >> there are. especially in warm weather because i know you both want to go. >> please. please. >> first off, martinique. this is an affordable alternative to st. bart's. you're looking for a french inspired culture. there are banana plantations and wonderful mountain peaks. it's much quieter than a lot of the other caribbean islands. rates start at $229 a night. a great escape. there are 16 rooms. it's easy to get to. fly through puerto rico. it's a great hub. you can sort of get your toes right in the sand. >> if you like winter and you
10:30 am
like skiing, you like tahoe. >> tahoe is a destination that everybody is talking about now. not only does it have the highest -- >> we can talk about amelia island instead. >> amelia island is located just 35 miles east of jacksonville, florida, so easy to get to as well. that's elizabeth point lodge, which is a great hotel. it's 20 rooms in the main house. shingle styles. queen ann estates. you'll have sand dunes and the atlantic ocean right in front of you. rates there -- >> isn't that pretty? >> super affordable as well. a romantic destination. can you have breakfast overlooking the waves, and there's golf nearby. that's a great choice. >> can we go skiing now? >> lake tahoe has the highest concentration of ski resorts in one place in the united states. plus, not only did it recently get a luxury hotel ritz carlton that opened there. now there's a base camp. this fun family-friendly hotel rates start at $109 a night. >> we can't stay home for that. >> it has a sleep-away inspired
10:31 am
feel. you know, there are lanterns and survival guides in your bedside table, and it's just four minutes walk from the heavenly gondola, so you can get right up to the slopes and not have to worry about carrying everybody's skis a long distance. >> that's wonderful. >> a lot of people enjoy cruises, like kathie lee. >> you know what, i think it's a great vacation value that's going. i really do. >> this is a great example. celebrity just launch aid new ship and they're going to explore the caribbean. rates for seven days start at $599 per person on a brand new ship that has all sorts of amenities from a spa, great art classes, amazing food. you can -- you'll stop at puerto rico, which is another destination that's known for great food and great restaurants. st. martin and amazing white sand beaches, and st. kit's that's quieter. you'll have the turquoise bays all to yourself. a great way to sort of cruise and for a great price. $599 for seven days. it's really something. >> it's amazing.
10:32 am
>> what's your last stop? >> my last is another unexpected destination. city choice, philadelphia. here's another great destination. jose garza is a chef that everybody is talking about. he opened a great restaurant, and hotel palamar. this is a quirky hotel with zebra print sheets and all sorts of unexpected amenities like complimentary yoga on wednesday morning. rates are super affordable, and you have access to all the great restaurants and activity that is philadelphia is known for. >> as usual, she was perfect. thank you. >> thank you. >> the last thing you'll want to do on your vacation is worry about your home. >> handy man answers all those repair questions. i love this segment. >> right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:33 am
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and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now i can plan my days and accomplish more. lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior, or any swelling or affected breathing or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. with less pain, i'm feeling better now that i've found lyrica. ask your doctor if lyrica is right for your fibromyalgia pain. >> time now for ask lou. if you have mold and mildew that it will not go away. >> here are the solutions to
10:37 am
your questions for pesky problems thaw don't know how to handle. it's today contributor and host of the show "house smart" lou. >> lewis is going to be furious. >> i don't care. >> right, right. >> how are you doing? >> terrific. >> big lou -- >> this one comes from harriet. does using salt to melt ice on concrete weaken the concrete? are there some typ of salt that are better than others? >> with the ice you want to protect yourself from falling. rock salt, which is as example of right here, it's what they use on the highways and on the back of the trucks. it's very effective. you can even use it to make homemade ice cream, but it's very -- while you're at it. it's very hard on the surfaces you put it on -- concrete, brick. it's terrible on the vegetation. >> all right. >> you upgrade to products like this which are always magnesium chloride or potassium chloride. these are less harmful. especially for pets. >> yeah. >> and for your vej taking as well. this will tear your lawn apart, and this is a little bit milder
10:38 am
on it. >> okay. >> the key element with these is with the bags, the containers, you need to keep them closed because they absorb moisture, and they'll become a big chunk. >> like a rock. >> just make sure you protect it. >> thank you, lou. >> what's our next question? this is from jane. the place i just moved into has a dishwasher that leaves more junk, particles, food chunks, et cetera, on my dishes after it's done washing. >> how lovely. >> we put our dishes in practically clean, and they come out dirtier. what can she do? >> she just needs to wash her dishwasher. >> really? >> sounds funny, but there's a lot of calcium build-up inside there, depending where her water is. this is a terrific cleaner. it's my go-to, clr. there's also a product called dishwasher magic. you run the hot water at the sink, so the water gets really hot. you pour maybe about a half a cup of this or about a half a cup of the dishwasher magic and put it on that sanitize setting. >> yeah. >> let it run. here's the trick. you start it. once you hear it start to wash, you open it, and then you add
10:39 am
the cleaner. every dish washer starts by draining, so the mistake that everybody does is they put the cleaner in. it sucks the cleaner out, and then they're, like, what is lou telling me? it didn't work. >> genius. >> i wasn't quite sure what you were going to say. >> you never know. >> not quite sure i understood what you said. >> here's something from vicky. is there any easy way to remove mildew from patio, also from the bathroom tiles? >> no, no. >> this product started out in australia. the outdoor product called wet and forget is a solution you mix for outdoors with water, and you literally spray it on areas. the roof -- maybe you've got mildew and mold on the sidewalk. it works with mother nature to wash away. it's amazing. >> and it's healthy and -- >> it's biodegradable. it's not an -- >> it sounds too good to be true, lou. >> and what happened was people wanted to know if they could use it inside. they finally came out with an inside product for your shower. now, when they showed this to
10:40 am
me, what i didn't -- it has like a vanilla smell to it. >> i like. >> yes. >> why vanilla? i started use this to test it out. it doesn't bother me, and it really works. >> really? >> you spray it down there. wet and forget. >> wet and forget. >> don't forget. >> lastly, vanessa wants to know how do i fix the hole in my wall caused from a door knob hitting the wall. >> first it starts with a door stop. then get a metal patch kit. they're self-adhesive. here's the hole. goes over the top. now, i just patched the hole. this is a new product. >> it's unsightly. >> this is the patch and primer from 3m. it has primer already in it. go over it. >> that was good. >> nice try, though. now, you're going put this over the top. if the walls are white, there's a good chance that you won't have to actually even touch this up with paint, but in the realm of the world of paint and primers in one, what happens is
10:41 am
this is what happens after it dries. you put another coat on top of this. lightly sand it. then with the paint and primers in one, which a lot of people are using, paint it over, and you're done. >> lou, so smart. >> nobody is better than lou. >> all right. does the winter make your hair stand up on end? >> it does. hoda, we've got the biggest hair questions for hoda. right after this. i'll give you five. need a good reason to change shampoo? l'oreal paris creates new total repair 5. our most advanced level of haircare. it fights five of the top hair problems. total repair 5 with ceramide targets weak, limp, lifeless, dull, and straw-like hair. my hair is transformed, full. feels stronger with a healthy shine. total repair from root to core to tip. five problems, one solution. change the life of your hair. with new total repair 5. l'oreal's most advanced haircare. because you are totally worth it.
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10:45 am
>> are you tired of dealing with fly-aways in the winter? >> here are the solutions to your most tweeted hair questions. cosmopolitan beauty editor, director. we are going to get to these twitter questions. people have a lot for you. we have six of them. the first one is from -- she writes i can't try on clothes in the winter without looking like a rubbed a balloon on the top of my head. help. static. >> stat sick a big problem in winter because of the dehydrated hair makes our hair have a more
10:46 am
positive charge. >> what should we do when britney's hair is full of fla-aways here because you did rub a balloon on it. >> always have a lot of moisture. before you leave for the day, do a moisture repelling layer with oil, and you just rub it and tap it on. if you have static -- >> a dryer sheet. >> rub it on your head? >> rub it right down. it goes instantly down. keep a couple of these in your purse, and you are good. >> britney, you rock. that was excellent. >> you look exhausted, though. >> this one is from 20 just dance 11. how do you tame baby hairs that won't stay put? >> we actually -- >> is that over here still? >> we have a toothbrush and hairspray. spray this, and we're going to wipe it right down. the bristles are so tightly packed on a toothbrush that they really get those baby hairs. >> all right. with model kimberly. this is carolyn qz that brights
10:47 am
is there any way to let thick, wavy hair dry without using crunchy mouse? >> yes, there is. >> what do you do? >> what we did with kimberly ahead of time is put a dollop of mousse in our hand, and we diluted it with cream serum, and that gets a really soft lotiony feel that when you put it in -- we already did this on her, but we'll show you. you scrunch it in, form the kurlz, and that will give you this beautiful soft texture that she has now. >> that looks so good. >> curls are so in right now, that that's the kind of curl you want, though. >> next question comes from kel grim. what's the best way to sleep with wet hair so i wake up with a style? >> this bun. >> what? >> sleeping with a bun. what happens is when you make the bun -- when the bun goes over top of this, the hair donut. are you going to put the ponytail on top of your hair and put the hair donut in the base and wrap your hair around.
10:48 am
>> that's what you have in? >> that's what i have in. >> what happens when you wake snup. >> it sets into that place, and you take it out, and it's beautiful ringlets. >> beautiful. >> i like that. >> i promise you. i'm going to do it actually tonight. i left this in all day. >> lastly, the lovely britney. two britney's today. here we go. this is from -- it's a long name, so here's the question. what's the easiest, quickest way to do a home blow-out? >> okay. home blow-outs are hard because you have to go hairdryer, brush, like, too much in one hand. this new hot air brush styler from john frieda is awe blow dryer and brush in one. >> what did we do? >> we dried her hair with a blow dryer about 90%, and then we use this, and then you just let it bring it right around. you can do the top. do the bottom. then let it sit in that carl at the very edge, and when you take it out, it gives you this
10:49 am
beautiful curl. >> i like. >> good, good, good. >> all good advice. thanks, kids. >> it's time to get the clothes. >> how to hide those extra pounds that you know you put on over at your family's house over the holidays. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
>> today's style is brought to you by yoplait. learn how to take your look from good to so good with dip from today's style experts. ♪ >> now on today's style fashions to hide the holiday weight we all gained. >> we do gabe a few pounds over the holidays, but you don't have to go on a crash diet to burn off the extra lb's. style expert jenette is here to
10:53 am
tell us about the tricks. >> we love the fix ficks. >> don't go to the gym. rock it in some new clothes. go shopping. >> let's start off with one of our models, cher, and cher has a bit of a pear shape, and she gains weight, like a lot of people do, in our hips and thighs. >> you know, because she always says she is pear shaped so she stays away from anything form-fitting on the body. i put her in a slim skirt. >> it's great. >> this whole look is under $50 from marshalls and tj mack, and really just the plumb colored wool pencil skirt is a perfect way hitting just above the knee. perfect, you know, item on her, and the printed top really helps draw attention to her upper body. again, if are you trying to get away from showing -- drawing attention to your lower portion, and really just this helps balance an hourglass shape for her. she just looks three sizes smaller. we did want to talk about -- okay.
10:54 am
ladies. >> we don't wear any. we don't. should we? >> if you are above a certain age, i know we all like to think we're demi moore, but i think hose just help to polish the look for the everyday -- i know we're going to have a fight over this. >> thank you, honey. >> let's talk about -- i have this issue too. the midsection. the midsection is your issue, like it is for susan, what can she do to help with the arrestlinarres waistline? >> i saw the perfect wrap style dress to create a waistline for her. it drapes beautifully on her. again, drawing the eye inward towards the waistline. >> almost an empire look. >> yes, exactly. of course, giving that little v. that's very flattering. showing a little bit of cleavage. this is $59 from beyond the >> thank you, hom. . >> a lot of women gain weight in their legs, and melissa is coming out. you have a good look for melissa. >> oh, yes. melissa says she hates showing her legs, and she's a thin woman, but, you know, when she
10:55 am
gains a few pounds, it goes to her gams. i found these so slimming skinny jeans. they're brand new. they kind of have like a built-in shape wear affect to them. >> i love that. >> it sucks any, and it gives her this long, lean look, and this bit wing style top. a lot of women love this. again, if you don't like the upper arm, it kind of hides it. >> it's feminine. >> again, really hiding a multitude of things. >> thank you. >> next up we have patty, and sometimes we're all worried about our hips and bootie. >> oh, yes. >> that's always my problem. let me tell you. so you can never go wrong with a classic black pencil skirt. slimming her lower half. i added this lacy cami from bali that has sex appeal to it. the jacket cuts right there at her waist. again, highlighting that, slimming her waistline, and some hose. >> a lucky lady.
10:56 am
let's bring out laurie. thanks, hon. tell us what you did for laurie. >> laurie says she tends to gain weight all over. laurie says -- she looks great. she just wanted a fun, casual look that's for work, so i gave her this flowy printed top and kind of just skims over her midsection. this blazer from old navy really nipping in at the waist. again, hitting at the right point on her leg. just, you know, at the thinnest part of her thigh, and some nice skinny jeans that she says she was so surprised she could wear these. she looks so great. >> let's bring all of our models out. thanks, ladies. thank you. >> luke perry will be here next week, and funny man darrell hammond. >> and aaron neville. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> god bless. >> take care. bye-bye. >> where are you going to be? >> in new orleans this weekend. lucky charms?!
10:57 am
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are you ready for some incredible surfing? mavericks is back for the first time since 2010. the contest director, what he thinks on the water conditions, coming up in a live report. and more popular than ever. signing pictuk autographs, and taking pictures, we're talking about the harlem globetrotters. 1 million making their way to the nation's capitol this weekend. the finishing touches for the stage and the president. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. we begin in the east bay. an elderly woman remains in critical cdi

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